Saturday, June 22, 2013

One Sweet Ride by Jaci Burton

One Sweet Ride (Play by Play, #6)
Book 6 of the play by play series ) 

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Race car driver Gray Preston enjoys fast cars and an uncomplicated life, until political aide Evelyn Hill enters the picture and complicates the hell out of it with a request that he help out his estranged father’s political campaign. Racing and politics don’t mix, but Gray and Evelyn’s sexual attraction sizzles like asphalt in August.

Jen's Review - 

I LOVED this book! I haven't read many racing books, but Jaci really knows her sports!
This series is awesome - i was a little sad that the Riley's weren't mentioned in here. but I'm really hoping that Carolina - Gray's sister gets a story! She was Awesome! and I'm really curious about her and Drew - Not to mention Drew  is a Hockey Player!! I love Hockey books :)

Back to the story! Gray has everything he has because he worked hard and got it himself.
His dad, had other plans though. Politics, Harvard, lol NOT what Gray wanted.

Gray's dad was in the election running for vice president. Things were going well for the campaign, but of course Gray could careless. That is until he found that hot looking woman standing at his trailer.

Evelyn was living her dream job - she was getting the right man where he belonged. And by getting him to his position as vice president, she found ways to get him even more votes. His son.

Although Gray had a shady past with his father, when Evelyn pulled out no stops to get him to agree to working with her, he knew how to be professional enough to work with her.

But as time grew and Evelyn was hanging out with him all the time at the track, their connection seemed to click a little more.

Gray knew getting involved with anyone who worked for his father was a bad idea. And when Evelyn agreed to go out with Cole (?), Gray knew it was a bad idea. That's why when she pulled up in his truck and got out, he walked up to her to find out what happened. When she explained her "fun date" Gray invited her back into his trailer.

These two had a great chemistry together, the only problem. They came from two different worlds. Politics and Racing?? Her job was stationed mostly in DC - his job carried him all over the place.
How can these two make a relationship work with their different views of how things work? Easy, they don't :)
But can their hearts take that kind of rejection??

Loved this story a Lot - I love reading about the sports in Jaci's stories. She really knows how to make the details work and keep you interested. Even during the 100 laps Gray made in his car! lol

Can't wait to find out what's next :)

Just checked on Goodreads - I was right - book 7 - Melting the Ice  comes out February, 2014
Get ready for Carolina and Drew :)

But it will be fun to spend the holidays with the Riley's - Nov 19th Jaci is giving us a little Holiday treat :)

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