Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sexcapades by Christine d'Abo


Jen's Review -

I've only read a few books by Christine d'Abo - but I really love the stories I have read!!!

This one was fun - PC , Sexcapades writes a blog for women who need or want advice on Sex -

D. Williams - Mantastic - writes a blog for men who doesn't believe that men and women needs work the same way -

For Example ....

<i><b> Ladies, Don't let men fool you -
they want to be wooed as much as we do! Break out the wine and flowers along with that action movie. And when it comes to sex, don't be afraid to do things their way once in a while. It makes it easier for them to reciprocate when you want to set the rules.

</b> PC Sexcapades - sex advice for women

<b> Screw the flowers! We want Blow jobs!!

 </b> -D. Williams, Mantastic - advice for REAL men

But there is something about the way they keep going back and forth against each other that attacts the attention of their readers.

LOVE their connection on their blog with each other.

Now for the story - Petra is frustrated with this Mr D.Williams guy who is always trying to make her look stupid on her own blog - but she can't help but secretly wonder what he looks like. How is he like a real person??

Her BFF Alice has had enough of her stewing over her blog - so she decides to take her out for a cup of coffee - Going against her will, Petra drags her feet into the coffee shop.
They start discussing what PC's next blog post will be - Dildos -

The topic gets a little heated, but when Petra hears the same small gaff coming from the table next to her, she can't help but ask Mr. Mysterious man what his deal is.

Their friendly barter turns a little crazy when he challenges her to a little dirty talk :)

When Petra gets home, she gets a voice mail from the people doing the blogger awards (not sure I remember what they're called ) But WOW! She's officially nominated!!!

There is only one problem - Petra isn't as fun and easy going and free-spirited as PC is - when it comes to crowds and people she doesn't' know, Petra panics!

At the Nomination dinner, dressed to kill by her BFF Alice, Petra starts to get nervous. She puts in her 5 min appearance and just about turns to run for the nearest exit, when she feels someone behind her.

When she hears his voice she knows it's the same Mysterious man from the coffee shop -

Darcy could tell she was about to run and didn't want to see her go - He couldn't believe she was here.. WHY was she here?

Darcy was able to help Petra outside so she could get some fresh air - she couldn't handle the crowd, and was thankful for the friendly face.. the friendly face that she wanted to do naughty things with.

Ahem - After a night of ... fun - Petra heads home and gets back to work.
Petra gets a phone call. a very disturbing phone call - someone is stalking her! And Darcy makes it his mission to find out who.

Cute story - the back and forth between these two is fun to watch. Darcy may seem like a jerk in the internet, but he's far the Neanderthal jerk she thought he was :)

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