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Stay With Me by Elyssa Patrick

Stay With Me (With Me #1)

New Adult/Contemporary Romance - recommended for ages 17 and up.

With one look, I’m his . . .

With one touch, he’s mine . . .

With one kiss, it changes everything between us . . .

I’ve been famous since I can remember. Singing, acting, dancing—I’ve done it all. The tabloids cover my every move, but I don’t want that anymore. I want to be normal, whatever that is.

When I leave Hollywood for college in Vermont, I’m on my own for the first time in my life. This is my chance to figure out who I am and what I want in life.

But it’s a lot harder than I expected. I can’t escape my image. Classes are difficult, and I’m struggling. And then there’s Caleb Fox.

Sexy, intriguing Caleb Fox.

Caleb is the one man who doesn’t want to use me. He breaks down my walls. He challenges me. He wants me. And I just don’t know if I can give him the same—or if he’ll stick around when he finds out my shameful secret that the tabloids haven’t managed to uncover.

Dating him is risky enough, but loving him could break me.

Excerpt :
taken from Elyssa Patrick's Blog

“So suspicious,” Caleb says from across the room.

“I’m surprised you didn’t sneak a few. You did say you liked them after all,” I say, taking one container out and setting it on the counter. I put my hoodie down next to it.

“Nah.” He gets up and walks toward me. “Besides, I still hold out hope you’ll give me one of your own free will.”

I remove the Saran wrap and take out one plump blackberry. “Like this one?”

He holds his hand out, palm upward. “Just like that. A blackberry for a shirt. Sounds fair to me.”

I drop the blackberry into his hand, and then reach for another one. I pop it into my mouth, and the sweet tartness of the berry floods my taste buds.

Caleb still hasn’t eaten his.

I raise an eyebrow. “Not eating yours?”

“No, it’s . . .” He takes a deep breath, his gaze fastening on my mouth. “It’s just, you have something right there.”

Great. Just great. I’m dribbling blackberry juice in front of a guy I find really attractive, sexy, irresistible, but totally shouldn’t. God, what is wrong with me?

I lick my mouth. “All gone?”

“Still there,” he says, his voice gruffer than before.

I do another pass at my mouth, then wipe it.

“No, you’re missing it.” Then he steps closer to me, and I suddenly can’t find my breath. “Here. Let me.”

His thumb dabs at the corner of my mouth, his every touch sending sparks through my body. His dark, dark green eyes fly to mine. “I think I got it all.”

But his thumb stays near my lips, and I don’t move.

Every point in my body is tuned to this, awareness shooting through me like a lightning bolt striking water. I feel more alive in this moment than I’ve ever felt before.

I don’t do anything but stay exactly where I am. 

Caleb takes another step toward me. His legs touch mine, his body brushing lightly against mine.

I notice the blackberry is still in his hand. “You still haven’t eaten yours.”

“I haven’t.” He places it against my mouth. “Bite.”

I take a small taste and feel the juice stain my lips.

His thumb swipes over my lips, smearing the juice onto them even more. He presses the rest of the blackberry against me but doesn’t say a word. I take the fruit in my mouth, my lips catching over the tip of his index finger as I do so. The taste of him is all I can savor—male, the salt from his skin, and the sweet bitterness of the fruit. His gaze locks onto mine, and I swallow heavily.

“You’ve got berry on you,” he says.

I try to be arch, but my voice comes out soft and wanting. “That’s because you did it.”

“I did,” he admits. “I should take if off then.”

My breath hitches in my chest as his other arm slides around my waist and pulls me away from the island right to him.

“This might take a while,” he says.

I heaved out an exaggerated sigh of boredom that’s soon ruined when I shiver with delight as his fingers gather in the material of the t-shirt. “I guess I’ll just have to close my eyes and suffer through it.”

“No suffering,” he promises.

His hand slides up my back, and my muscles, already tightened with awareness, start to ache from wanting. His fingers skate up my neck, and my nerves jangle.

I’m suddenly wondering if he’s ever going to kiss me.

I stretch my hand over his chest, knotting his shirt in my grasp, and yank him to me. “Caleb.”

He lowers his head to me, and my eyelids flutter closed. I lean toward him, waiting—just waiting—for when he touches me. I tighten my hold on him, trying to urge him to do it now, but no, he doesn’t heed my unspoken demands. He doesn’t hurry. He doesn’t rush. It’s like he has all the time in the world until he kisses me.

His finger gently swipes over my mouth, tracing it softly, like he’s memorizing the shape of me. Like he’s trying to get all the details of my mouth down before he claims me. He presses lightly against my lower lip, dipping into the soft plumpness there.

I smooth my hands out on his chest. I’m pressed against him so tight that I can’t do more than reach up and grasp his shoulders. I want to slide my fingers through his hair.

But more than that, I want to feel him against me.

Almost as if he’s heard my thoughts, Caleb’s lips lightly press against the corner of my mouth, where he removed the berry stain only a few moments ago. I still, and his hand leaves my neck to slide down to rest at the small of my back before moving back up in a slow movement that has pleasure coursing through my body. I gasp, and his mouth flutters another kiss at the corner. Brief, these flutter kisses—never quite landing fully on my lips or staying too long.

I make a sound of want. I press even closer, as if I’m inking myself on his skin, in his blood, urging this patient, sexy man to take my mouth—to take it now.

He doesn’t.

His mouth finally touches mine, but it’s not a kiss that claims or declares intent.

He gives.

His lips give kisses upon mine, like rain watering parched land. His mouth moves against mine, gentle, strong, and it makes me cling to him, to give more to him, to open up in ways I never have with any man before.

His teeth catch on my lower lip, lightly tugging, as if asking a question, one that I answer by opening my mouth and letting him in. His tongue slides against me, tasting, seeking. He’s all I know, all I want to know, and I want him to know me in every possible way.

This might just be lust, but it doesn’t feel like it—not with this assured gentleness, this giving of a kiss, like he’s waited all his life for this—for me—and now that I’m here, he’s not going to do anything to mess it up.

He doesn’t make me feel weak in his kiss. I feel strong, treasured . . . desired.

His kiss turns hotter, as if he’s losing control of himself.

Oh yes, I think. Lose control, Caleb. Lose it with me.......

Aurthor Bio : 
Elyssa Patrick
Elyssa Patrick writes fun, sexy, and emotional contemporary romances as well as New Adult. Besides being slightly addicted to chocolate, she loves cupcakes, classic movies, and Shakespeare. Elyssa is currently working on her next novel.

She loves to hear from her readers! You can email her at elyssapatrick at gmail dot com.

Or you can tweet her: @elyssapatrick, like her Facebook page, or find her on Goodreads.

If you would like to sign up for her newsletter, click on this link.

Buy links: 

Kindle | Nook | iTunesKobo | ARe | Smashwords

Jen's Review - My rating: 5 of 5 stars

TOTALLY LOVED this book!
I am use to reading about those sexy Rock God's in guys POV - but this one is all from Hailey Bloom's POV - and she's TIRED of the life of being famous.

Hailey left her fame of acting, singing and touring, talk show hosts and stadiums. All because she was tired of not living her life for herself. She is tired of her mom telling her what to do, living her life under a microscope. So she escapes to go to collage, to live a life like a normal girl should. She has no idea what she wants to be when she grows up, or what to major in, but she knows that she wants to do it on her own. And she's giving up her famous life for it.

Going to a party, trying to act normal, but since her face is still out there, it's hard for her to blend in.
Walking out on the deck, she see's a tall mysterious guy looking at her.
She is drawn to him, but she doesn't think he's interested in her as a person. All he sees is the famous Hailey.
But when he comes closer, to give her his coat, she notices his curiosity. He doesn't seem to be looking at her , but wanting to get to know her... But can she trust that he's not just fishing for a story to sell the tabloids?? After all, it wouldn't be the first time..

Caleb ... he's such a sweetheart - you can't help but fall in love with him from the start. He see's Hailey bloom, but not the famous star, he see's a girl that looks like she's scared to face the future, but determined to meet fate head on. She looks strong and ready, but she also looks lost and confused with life. He's determined to get to know Hailey as a person and to forget the everything else.

But getting through Hailey's shell isn't going to be easy, but Caleb knows how to be patient.

The story progresses when Hailey meets Daphine, Caleb's younger sister. They become best friends, even though Daphine is grossed out by Hailey's feelings for her brother, even she can see the googly googly eyes they make at each other :)

I was a little disappointed with the "Secret" that Hailey is keeping. The one that she's afraid will get out... When it does get out - I was expecting... more out of it - but , it worked out, and you got your HEA and at the back of the book the author says there are 3 other books coming out to go with this one. I'm ready for the Christmas with me in December :D

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Stepping up to Love By Katie O'Boyle

Stepping up to Love 
By Katie O'Boyle

Contemporary Romance
Date Published: 8/7/2013
Soul Mate Publishing, Inc., NY

A lakeside porch in the Finger Lakes is the perfect spot for a quiet moment or a heart-to-heart with your special someone. Joel and Manda’s first heart-to-heart on the breakfast porch at the Manse Inn and Spa is anything but romantic. Joel the owner of the Manse is furious with his junior accountant for using one of the spa showers. If Manda didn’t have a desperate story and a spectacular body, Joel might not be feeding her breakfast and falling in love. Can Manda get sober, clean up her act, and open her heart to her rich, hunky boss?


Halfway through the shampoo, she heard him tap on the frosted glass door and slip some clothes onto the hook in the dressing area. “I owe you, Remy,” she said over the noise of the shower.
“Shhh!” he commanded. “I know nothing!” he declared and hummed his way back through the locker room.
The bubble of laughter that rose in Manda turned into a flood of tears. She let them flow and mix with the hundred-degree simulated rainwater pouring from the ceiling.
Finally warm, and thoroughly clean, shampooed, conditioned, citrus-scented, and far less achy than she’d been, Manda turned off the water and drew back the linen curtain dividing the shower stall from the dressing area, and screamed. Standing at the glass door was the big boss. Remy’s boss. Her boss's boss. She wasn’t sure, but Joel Cushman was probably everybody’s boss.
“Geez, Joel, I thought you were a pervert!” she yelled at him. I can’t believe I just called Mr. Cushman “Joel.” I am in so much trouble here.
“Manda? What—?” His voice cracked like an adolescent.
Manda stifled a laugh. His eyes were drinking in her body as though he couldn’t believe what she’d been hiding under her baggy clothes. Drink your fill now, Joel, because I am off men for life.
“I thought you were a criminal. What are you doing in the shower at seven fifteen in the morning? And stop batting that curtain around.”
Manda tried desperately to grab hold of the linen shower curtain, flapping this way and that in the current created by the open door. “Do you mind?” she scolded him.
Giving up on the curtain, she crossed her arms and turned her back on him. He probably likes that view, too. “Could you hand me a towel, please, or get out of here?” Why am I yelling at the boss? Seriously dumb, Manda.
He was silent now, which was worse. What is he doing, standing there, looking at me? Panic overtook anger, and she turned back to look at him.
He had dropped the admiring once-over, and she saw he was taking a second look at her purpling bruises. Silently, he handed her a towel from the top of the stack and looked her in the eye.
Manda wondered if he could read the shame and fear clouding her vision.
Joel cleared his throat and ordered, “In my office. Five minutes. Dressed.”  His jaw was hard as he turned on his heel. 

Katie O’Boyle
Kate O'Boyle
Once upon a time, Katie O’Boyle was a stellar student and closet substance abuser at a picture-perfect small college. She credits loving friends, 12-step spirituality, and plenty of hard work for her transformation into tech-savvy college professor and passionate author of warm-hearted romance. Fall in love with her characters on the lakeside porches of the beautiful Finger Lakes in upstate New York. Lakeside Porches, Book One: Stepping Up To Love (Joel and Manda’s story); Book Two: Coming Home to Love (Justin and Gianessa’s story).

Second Chances - Mega PROMO Blitz By Jo Briggs

Second Chances - Mega PROMO Blitz
By Jo Briggs
Contemporary Romance
Date to be Published: June 2013

Layla Keyes is back in England.  Much has changed in the five years since she moved to New York to pursue a modeling career - On the outside she appears independent, self-assured and enjoying running her own successful fashion label.

On the inside she is determined to take back what she lost five years ago when misunderstandings allowed a jealous third party to manipulate and interfere in destroying her relationship with Evan Carter.

Evan Carter has spent all that time pretending to not be affected by the loss of Layla from his life.

A twist of fate brings the two back together as they are forced to share a few days alone.

Can their love be rekindled despite the secrets they still have to confess to each other?


Once satisfied that all her belongings were safely in the boot of her car, Layla slammed the heavy, oak front door closed behind her, fully aware that she was also closing the lid on her relationship with Evan Carter.

She gulped down the rising sensation of guilt she felt at taking the coward’s way out by leaving when the man was still on a business trip. While sharing Evan’s sense of emptiness, Layla was unable to express it in words, but she did know that she could no longer deal with the look of pain on his face when he tried to talk about what happened. Whenever she attempted it, her throat seized up and no sound came out, only an endless stream of tears, which seemed to frustrate him even more.

Layla had not been especially close to her parents, but the abruptness of their death, followed by the traumatic horse-riding accident that resulted in the loss of her baby, had placed an irreparable strain on her two-year relationship with Evan.

Settling into the 4x4, she plugged her phone into the hands-free system and set off for Surrey, where her BFF, Keely lived. She was the only person who knew of Layla’s plan to leave Yorkshire and head to New York. Activating the voice-dial on her phone, which connected to her friend’s home number, she heard a familiar voice come over the speaker. “Hello?”

“Hey, it’s me,” said Layla, unable to conceal her subdued mood. It was becoming more than a regular occurrence and she was fed up of feeling that way. She just hoped a change of scenery would lift her out of her despair.

“Are you on your way?” Keely asked, her voice sounding tight and restrained. 

“Yes,” said Layla, suspecting her friend of holding back on what she truly wanted to say.

“Are you really sure you want to do this?” 

Layla sighed. Keely had been trying to persuade her to stay and work through her problems with Evan ever since she’d revealed her plans to leave. Layla recognised it was going to be hard, but she could see no other solution. The stabbing pain from the healing wound, caused by the accident, and the ache of her breaking heart had merged into one. 

Jo Briggs

As well as writing, Jo also enjoys reading; her favourite classics include Pride & Prejudice, Persuasion and Jane Eyre having studied English Literature before moving onto Art and Graphic Design. Current genre of choice on her iPad are dark, angsty steamy romances. Particular favourites at the moment are by S.C Stephens, Abbi Glines, R K Lilley, Sylvia Day and Jodi Ellen Malpas. Jo is also a regular visitor to eBook readers anonymous to keep her addiction under control.

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Watch Me Walk Away Blog Tour

Amazon Buy Link


At the age of seventeen, Lisa was broken when Bobby left. He was suppose to be her first. First Love. First Time. First Everything. No word for six long years. She moved away from the painful reminders sacrificing her relationship with her best friend Brad. She struggled to rebuild her life.

Now six years later she returns as a strong, successful woman grabbing a job at one of New York’s hottest marketing agencies. She is dating a gorgeous guy with his eyes on a corner office. But it all changes when she sees Bobby again.

Can she risk another heartbreak from Bobby? Will she be able to repair her friendship with Brad? Lisa will have to decide between the man she's with, and the two men that want her.

Who will she be with, and who will she tell to "Watch Me Walk Away?"

Author Links


I live in Northern New Jersey. I am a wife and mother of two girls. I have been an avid reader my whole life, I cannot remember a Sunday afternoon that did not include my parents reading. We had a huge bookshelf in our den with a diverse set of authors like Ayn Rand, Stephen King, Mario Puzo & Danielle Steele.

I have always had ideas and characters running around my head but it took a few good friends to push me to start putting them down on paper.

I hope you enjoy my musings. Please feel free to contact me I would love to hear from you.

Enter to Win!

Forever In Bloom - Cover Reveal Jennifer Domenico

Forever In Bloom - Cover Reveal
Jennifer Domenico  
Contemporary Romance
Date to be Published: 9/16/2013

A love strong enough to survive even the toughest challenge…or is it?

From the moment he told her, Ava never doubted Enzo’s love for her. How could she? He spent every day of his life making sure she felt it. Through every trial, the couple has only come out stronger for it. She was confident that no matter what challenge life had in store, she and Enzo’s love would endure.

Just as Ava’s dreams for the future fall into place something happens that she never imagined. Still, she knows with Enzo by her side, happiness is always just around the corner. What Ava doesn’t know is a threat she thought was long gone is back and will stop at nothing to take everything that is precious  away from her.

A love, even as strong as theirs, can only be tested so much before it breaks. Can Enzo and Ava’s love survive their toughest challenge yet? Will Enzo’s love be enough to keep Ava safe or is she better off away from the only man she’s ever loved? Will they ever get the happily ever after they deserve?

Book three is the final installment of the Sunflower Trilogy.


I close my eyes and try to calm my rattled nerves. I can’t believe the fucking nerve of this woman. I know I have to talk to Enzo and find out what he knows about this. I can’t imagine that he saw her and would keep that from me.

I dial his cell phone but my hands are shaky. I wait patiently for him to answer, knowing he had meetings at Girasole that morning, and wondering just what I’m going to say if he tells me he saw her.

“Ciao, amore,” Enzo answers, cheerfully.

“Enzo, Anna called me.” I don’t waste any time on pleasantries.


“Anna fucking called me and said she’s already been in contact with you. Tell me she’s lying.” 

His sudden silence makes my heart sink. “Are you keeping secrets from me, Enzo?” I ask in utter disbelief.

“We need to talk about this when we both get home.”

“You saw her? You fucking saw her and didn’t tell me?!” I yell into the phone.

“Calm down, Ava.”

“Calm down?! Why the fuck haven’t I heard about it until now. Do you know how fucking humiliating this is to me to hear it from her?”

“Ava, stop swearing at me.”

“Don’t fucking tell me what to do!”

Enzo takes a deep breath. “Ava, this is something I wanted to discuss with you but I was waiting for the right time. I refuse to do this over the phone.”

“I can’t even begin to imagine how you’re going to explain this to me. She’s not even supposed to be anywhere near us. Why haven’t you had her arrested yet?”

“I said we’ll discuss it in person.”

“Well then you better stop whatever you are doing right now and meet me at the house.”

I slam down the phone, the only time I’ve ever hung up on my husband. My blood is fucking boiling right now. I know in my heart that I am not going to like what I hear. Suddenly his secretive behavior is starting to make a lot more sense.

 Jennifer Domenico

Author Bio

Jennifer Domenico is the author of The Sunflower Trilogy: Turn Towards the Sun, Turn Towards the Sun: After the Rain, and Turn Towards the Sun: Forever in Bloom. She is also the author of Have my Heart- A Novella, and Beautifully Twisted.
When not writing her next novel, she spends her time devouring the words of other great authors, watching home improvement shows or talent competitions, and sleeping whenever possible. 
She lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with her very Italian husband who provides her with endless material for her next Italian stallion character. She loves connecting with readers so stop by and say hello to her.

Website | Facebook | Twitter

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Sometimes It Lasts by Abbi Glines

Sometimes It Lasts (Sea Breeze, #5)

Cage York has to choose between a love of the game and a love of the girl in this sultry Sea Breeze novel from New York Times bestselling author Abbi Glines.

After waiting for his big break, bad boy Cage York is finally called up to prove his worth in the college baseball arena. But when Cage’s girlfriend, Eva, mourns the sudden loss of her father, it’s not Cage’s comforting arms she runs to, but those of her former fiancĂ©’s twin brother, Jeremy.

Torn between his baseball dream and the girl of his dreams, Cage must prove he’s worthy of Eva’s love, or risk losing her to Jeremy forever.

Snippit #1

“Make no mistake. There will always be an us. You can pretend like what we had never happened. You can ignore your feelings. Hell, baby, you can even marry Jeremy f*cking Beasley. But there will always be an us. No one and nothing can change that.” - Cage York in SOMETIMES IT LASTS

Snippit #2

“Being near you completes me. It makes me happy. I f*cked up and I lost you. I don’t expect to ever get you back. I don’t deserve you. But I want to be near you.”- Cage York in Sometimes It Lasts

Cage T-Shirt

Abbi Glines
Abbi Glines
About this author 
Books published by Abbi include The Vincent Boys and the USA TODAY bestseller The Vincent Brothers, Breathe, Because of Low, the USA TODAY bestsellers While It Lasts and Just For Now, The Existence Trilogy that includes the USA Today Bestseller Ceaseless, andThe New York Times bestseller and Wall Street Journal bestseller Fallen Too Far. Currently she is working on Never Too Far, the sequel to Fallen too Far.

When Abbi isn’t locked away in her office typing away she is hauling her kids to and from their many social activities. You could say her second job is the Glines Kids personal chauffeur. It’s a rather illustrious job

Abbi Glines on FacebookAbbi Glines on TwitterAbbi Glines at PinterestAbbi Glines RSS feed

Those of you who have read Sometimes It Lasts you can get Eva's song here

Jen's Review - 
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Yes I gave this 5 stars - I'd give more if We were able to watch Cage play a game or two, but hey - the book was totally not what I was expecting.

I was expecting to hate Eva! Why?? Because I have always felt Eva held on to Josh's memory a little too much , I felt she struggled sometimes with letting him go - Then there's Jeremy - we could all see how much he care about her, but what happens when he finally gets to tell her?? Then I saw a few smippits of this book before it came out and I was about ready to say FORGET IT!

But nope - Glad I did. I stayed up and read the book start to finish yesterday and I just couldn't put it down.

Every Decision Eva made, I would have probably done the same thing if I were in her shoes, and I'm glad Cage was able to man up and take the blame for his own stupidity. I love Cage, and he's not fully at fault here either , but he tried hard to make things right, and I love him a little more just for that.

What am I talking about?? You'll love this book! See Cage and Eve are happy - life is great, and get this Low is PREGNANT!!!SQUEEL! Loved that!
Cage got his free ride to Tennessee, full baseball scholarship - and he's taking Eva with him. Eva was worried about her daddy paying her way to Tennessee, but after he finally agreed that he would, they couldn't be happier... that is until Jeremy called Eva just before it was time to leave...

Eva met Jeremy and her father at the hospital. At first she couldn't figure out what was wrong with her dad, until she took a look around the floor they were on - Finding out your dad only has a couple months to live, that is hard. Especially since we all know how much Eva loves her daddy. She looks up to him as the strongest person she knows.

And her daddy is stubborn - But so is Eva - Cage knew she wasn't going to leave her father's side to go to Tennessee with him. And that was ok, because Cage was determined to be wherever Eva needed him.
But once Eva was over the shock of her father being so sick, she knew that Cage giving up his dream was not an option.
Giving him the definite final word, Eva was able to get Cage to go to collage without her. It was the right thing to do..

Now you may think back to Cage's party days before Eva, but if you've read any of Cage's POV's in either of his books, you'll know his whole world revolves around Eva - and a few hundred miles wasn't going to stop that... especially when his roommate tries to get Cage to have a little fun....

Cage does everything right, except talking to Eva - when Shit hits the fan, there is a whole lot of crap going around- Eva is grieving her very sick father, and missing her man, so when her heart gets ripped out of her chest so fast that she can't even breathe, of course she gets angry and lets Cage know she never wants to speak to him again.

And things just get worse for Eva , and she becomes stuck without any other options, especially since Cage doesn't seem to "care" enough to want to talk things out with her....

This story - I swear has got to be one of the best. It's an emotional roller coaster. You know whats' going on in both Cage and Eva's head, and yet you can't seem to knock their heads together to get them both to see things for what they really are. Hate that with fictional characters :(

GREAT story though - I love this whole series!

View all my reviews

Juls Review - 
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Who pulled an all nighter to finish this AHMAZING BOOK……..THIS GIRL!!! 

You know, I kinda lost faith in my girl, Ms Glines, when she wrote Fallen too Far.  I absolutely hated everything about it but then she comes back with a powerhouse kick to my gut.  This book literally knocked me off my feet! 

You think you got your HEA in While it Lasts but there’s a battle that still lurking in both Cage and Eva.  Both have had huge losses and they cant help but think the worse when they know deep down that their love is the real deal and if you just step back and see the person for who they really are then there’s no question to what they should and need to do. 

So many misunderstandings and so much hurt and betrayal that’s so unforgiveable.  My heart hurt for both Cage and Eva.  They deserve the happiness they found in While it Lasts but every journey has bumps.  They can be just cracks or pop holes that flattens your tires but in the end you find that smooth road again and get back to living life.

5 freaking stars Ms Glines.  Thank you!!!  You have restored my faith your ability to create a masterpiece!

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Drawn To You by Robin Shaw

First book in the Paloma's Edge companion novel series.

Bethany Pruitt has been judged for her mother's actions ever since she could remember. When she returns from college in Miami to Franklin Parks, her hometown, for the summer, she doesn't expect to find the only home she's known to be motherless and empty. By another turn of events, she decides to accept an invitation from her uncle to stay at Paloma's Edge, Florida.

Chase Lovell lives for the present and doesn't think about much else. When he goes to see his coach for a meeting, a female standing at the end of a long bus line at his college sparks his interest and earns his respect. Intent on approaching her, he misses his chance, and assumes that he'll never see her again. When Pierce, his best friend asks him to pick up his cousin, Beth, from Franklin Parks and drive her to Paloma's Edge, he can't deny that this is the girl he's been drawn to.

But will Chase do whatever it takes to keep the girl he's found again?

**Mature Content** Recommended for ages 17+ due to sexual situations and strong language.

We reached the shaded area near a gated exit on the beach and I watched her exhale a shaky breath. Her eyes roamed over my lips. She pulled her mouth in and she inched closer to me so that her sand covered feet were over mine. The action made her more aware of herself. Emotions that I couldn’t divine flickered across her face. Was she holding herself back from me?

Leaning my body against the gate, I lowered my head to her and lifted her hands to the sides of my face. She massaged my cheeks, stroking her thumb over my scar and then my jaw.

I brought the tip of my index finger over my mouth and then brushed it over her tempting lips. Eyes glazed over a little, she separated her mouth enough to nip on my finger a little. So the little vixen in her was out to play. She drew a little bit of my finger into her oral heat. In a matter of seconds, my cock swelled to readiness. She started panting and I withdrew my finger. She stared at my bare chest. Shutting down entirely, she stepped back, her face falling flat. I understood that look of self-judgment all too well. And as much as I’d tried to keep my mind busy in order not to think about her, and had stayed away from her for one night, it was a losing battle.

I remained where I was and sought her wandering gaze until she looked at me directly.

“I want to kiss, and lick, and suck every inch of you. Have you trembling in the palm of my hands while you surrender your body to me so I can supply you with what you’re craving. I can see it.” I flicked my eyes from her face to her erect nipples. “And I can feel it.” I brushed my fingers over her nipples, and ran circles around them for a second. Almost inaudibly, she moaned and I dropped my hand. “And when you really let go, make no mistake, you won’t want to come back from it.”

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 About Robin Shaw - 
Robin Shaw is an independent author who lives in NYC. She is an animal lover and a food enthusiast. After completing her undergraduate education, she entered the mental health field. She also obtained her MS degree. She is consumed by bringing her characters' stories to life. Drawn To You is the first book in the Paloma's Edge companion series.

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Jen's Review - 
I recieved this e-book for an honest review - 

I'm giving this 3 + stars because I enjoyed the story ....

BUT ....

I had a hard time reading it through - The type-o's I can over look - I don't pay much attention to those - but the author skipped around a lot - for example, Chase walked over and grabbed Beth's hand, they walked on the beach - their looks got intense and he says "I want to kiss you"... among other things - next paragraph says they all came out of the water (They all meaning Rylan, Joel, Chase, Beth and Bri) I am sure that's supposed to have a little *** for a new location/setting thing - but it happens a LOT in this book, and it feels like it's jumping around.

There is also a few spots where it's hard to tell who is talking. I've had to go back a few paragraphs to figure it out -

BUT I REALLY DID like the story - and that's what I'm going to focus on for the review -

Beth comes home from college for the summer to an empty house. Her mom left her a note saying she went to follow her heart - what she didn't tell her, was that she was 3 months late on the house payment and she was about the lose the only house she grew up in.
Cindy (Beth's mom) has a history of looking for love in all the wrong places , giving Beth the bad reputation in school just for being her daughter.

But when Beth gets word that her Uncle misses her and wants her to come spend the summer with her, Beth doesn't have much of a choice. She always loved her Uncle, and missed him as well.
She wasn't going to live with him for free though. She planned on working all summer at his hotel.

Chase - a great guy! Trying to do right by keeping his nose out of trouble. It's been 5 months since he stopped playing playing girls, and working hard - he intended to keep his scholarship at UM and keeping his head on straight.

Pierce met Chase at college, and had invited Chase into his home for the summer. Chase was a positive influence on Pierce, and his dad really liked Chase. So he offered him a job at his hotel and a place to stay in his home.

On Chase's day off, Pierce asked Chase for a huge favor. He was up late with his girlfriend and couldn't drive the 2 hours to pick up his cousin.

Chase was the type of guy that would do anything for a friend, so grumbling along the way, he still did it.

And when Chase saw who he was picking up, he recognized her right away (read the blurb about the bus stop :) )
He thought he'd never see her again, but was happy to be spending the summer with her.

Beth was quiet and reserved - and when they stopped for gas, a few ladies recognized her a Cindy's daughter, giving her looks and whispering behind their hands. Chase didn't understand why these women were acting so Juvenal.

The relationship picked up pretty quickly. I don't really like guys that come on really strong when they first meet a girl , but these two seemed to both know what they wanted. So it worked for them. I was a little put off by how forward Chase was, and how easily Beth took it, considering she didn't want to act like her mother in any way. But like I said, they both knew what they wanted, so why fight it, right :)

It was a cute story - it had a lot of potential :)

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