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Out of Breath by Rebecca Donovan

Out of Breath (Breathing, #3)

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Emma leaves Weslyn and everyone in it behind to attend Stanford University, just as she always intended. A shell of her former self, she is not the same girl. She is broken, and the only way that she’ll be whole again is through forgiveness. Emma must find a way to forgive herself and recognize her own worth before she can receive the love she deserves. This final installment will have readers holding their breath until the very last page


“I worry about you all the time,” she continued. “I don’t know how to make you feel safe. And as a mother, that’s all I ever want for you and Sara. For you to feel safe and loved.”

“I do,” I whispered. “I always do when I’m in your house.”

“I wish you could feel the same when you leave it.”

We sat in silence for a moment longer, my head resting against her chest, listening to her heart. Her thin arms held me with a strength that did make me feel safe and loved within them.

Jen's Review - 

Wow I seriously felt like I was reading two different books.
It's been a long time since I read the first two books - so it took me while to remember everything that was going on.

This book doesn't backtrack at all - so if you haven't read the first two books, you want to do that - and if you don't remember much from the first two, go back and read through a few of the the reviews on here - they're really helpful :)

This book starts off with Emma in school at Stanford. She's wear she wants to be, where she needs to be - but not living the life she should be. In fact, she's hardly living at all. She's living enough to survive, to make her friends happy, but she's not doing it for herself.

Emma is still hearing the voices of her mother, telling her she's not worth anything - but then she hears HIS voice telling her that she's strong and loved... But he's not there anymore, and that's her fault.

Meg, Serena, and Payton are Emma's new roommates - Sara is in France, but Meg is taking her place. Watching every move Emma makes, and reporting back to Sara if anything goes wrong.

The book starts off with Emma tired of the voices in her head, the memories are too much - so she's ready to try to get rid of them.
Going to a party with Payton isn't the best idea. She gets drunk and meets someone - things get heated, and then Emma hates herself even more, if that's possible.

Another party comes up, and Emma is dragged into going. This time with the whole group.
Payton is trying to set her up with Cole -

Cole is a sweet guy, but he's not Even. But in the beginning of this book, you can't help but think Emma is good with Cole - They're cute as they get to know each other. And even though Emma warns Cole many many MANY times not to get attached, he does - and they are really good together. He makes her laugh, and even though she's broken, she starts to feel a little alive with him.. And even though you know that Emma belongs with Even, not Cole, you can't help but enjoy their time together.

And when Emma's mother dies - she is forced to go back to her hometown to go to the funeral. No Rachelle didn't deserve her tears. Emma was more worried about the memories that haunt her in this town.

At the funeral, things get a little too much when she see's Evan walk into the room. Their eyes meet, and next thing Sara and Evan find her passed hiding in a closet with her dead mother, a bottle of vodka and Cole on her cell.

Now we're getting to the good part of the book - the story is told divided up with Emma's and Evan's POV - we get a little of both, not in chapters, but as things are occurring. Emma's passed out, so we hear from Evan. As he talks Sara into bringing Emma back to his house, then we see Emma's POV as she wakes up inside Evan's house and she goes out to her swing to figure things out.
Then back to Evan's POV when he hears her creeping out of her room, and he follows her and watches as she sits on the swing.

it's great to get inside both their heads, because if we only had Emma's POV, I think the book would be left hanging.

This clears up so much more - When Emma goes back to Santa Barbra, Evan goes with them. Not because he's following her, but because he had plans to be at Nate's house (a few houses down from where she was staying) He just decided to go early,

Evan wanted closure. He couldn't think, and the last 2 years were hell on him trying to get past the way Emma left. But he had so many unanswered questions, he couldn't move on.

The next 2 weeks he was going to make her talk, rather she wanted to or not....

And that's where things pick up. Emma see's herself in a totally different POV then everyone else around her does, so when she slowly starts to open up to Even, he can't believe the things he hears.

LOVE this series - took me awhile to remember the first couple of books since they don't flashback or anything - but there were a few hints here and there that helped you trigger your memory - i will probably re-read the whole series someday soon, now that I have all 3 e-books :)

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