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Sometimes It Lasts by Abbi Glines

Sometimes It Lasts (Sea Breeze, #5)

Cage York has to choose between a love of the game and a love of the girl in this sultry Sea Breeze novel from New York Times bestselling author Abbi Glines.

After waiting for his big break, bad boy Cage York is finally called up to prove his worth in the college baseball arena. But when Cage’s girlfriend, Eva, mourns the sudden loss of her father, it’s not Cage’s comforting arms she runs to, but those of her former fianc√©’s twin brother, Jeremy.

Torn between his baseball dream and the girl of his dreams, Cage must prove he’s worthy of Eva’s love, or risk losing her to Jeremy forever.

Snippit #1

“Make no mistake. There will always be an us. You can pretend like what we had never happened. You can ignore your feelings. Hell, baby, you can even marry Jeremy f*cking Beasley. But there will always be an us. No one and nothing can change that.” - Cage York in SOMETIMES IT LASTS

Snippit #2

“Being near you completes me. It makes me happy. I f*cked up and I lost you. I don’t expect to ever get you back. I don’t deserve you. But I want to be near you.”- Cage York in Sometimes It Lasts

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Abbi Glines
Abbi Glines
About this author 
Books published by Abbi include The Vincent Boys and the USA TODAY bestseller The Vincent Brothers, Breathe, Because of Low, the USA TODAY bestsellers While It Lasts and Just For Now, The Existence Trilogy that includes the USA Today Bestseller Ceaseless, andThe New York Times bestseller and Wall Street Journal bestseller Fallen Too Far. Currently she is working on Never Too Far, the sequel to Fallen too Far.

When Abbi isn’t locked away in her office typing away she is hauling her kids to and from their many social activities. You could say her second job is the Glines Kids personal chauffeur. It’s a rather illustrious job

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Those of you who have read Sometimes It Lasts you can get Eva's song here

Jen's Review - 
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Yes I gave this 5 stars - I'd give more if We were able to watch Cage play a game or two, but hey - the book was totally not what I was expecting.

I was expecting to hate Eva! Why?? Because I have always felt Eva held on to Josh's memory a little too much , I felt she struggled sometimes with letting him go - Then there's Jeremy - we could all see how much he care about her, but what happens when he finally gets to tell her?? Then I saw a few smippits of this book before it came out and I was about ready to say FORGET IT!

But nope - Glad I did. I stayed up and read the book start to finish yesterday and I just couldn't put it down.

Every Decision Eva made, I would have probably done the same thing if I were in her shoes, and I'm glad Cage was able to man up and take the blame for his own stupidity. I love Cage, and he's not fully at fault here either , but he tried hard to make things right, and I love him a little more just for that.

What am I talking about?? You'll love this book! See Cage and Eve are happy - life is great, and get this Low is PREGNANT!!!SQUEEL! Loved that!
Cage got his free ride to Tennessee, full baseball scholarship - and he's taking Eva with him. Eva was worried about her daddy paying her way to Tennessee, but after he finally agreed that he would, they couldn't be happier... that is until Jeremy called Eva just before it was time to leave...

Eva met Jeremy and her father at the hospital. At first she couldn't figure out what was wrong with her dad, until she took a look around the floor they were on - Finding out your dad only has a couple months to live, that is hard. Especially since we all know how much Eva loves her daddy. She looks up to him as the strongest person she knows.

And her daddy is stubborn - But so is Eva - Cage knew she wasn't going to leave her father's side to go to Tennessee with him. And that was ok, because Cage was determined to be wherever Eva needed him.
But once Eva was over the shock of her father being so sick, she knew that Cage giving up his dream was not an option.
Giving him the definite final word, Eva was able to get Cage to go to collage without her. It was the right thing to do..

Now you may think back to Cage's party days before Eva, but if you've read any of Cage's POV's in either of his books, you'll know his whole world revolves around Eva - and a few hundred miles wasn't going to stop that... especially when his roommate tries to get Cage to have a little fun....

Cage does everything right, except talking to Eva - when Shit hits the fan, there is a whole lot of crap going around- Eva is grieving her very sick father, and missing her man, so when her heart gets ripped out of her chest so fast that she can't even breathe, of course she gets angry and lets Cage know she never wants to speak to him again.

And things just get worse for Eva , and she becomes stuck without any other options, especially since Cage doesn't seem to "care" enough to want to talk things out with her....

This story - I swear has got to be one of the best. It's an emotional roller coaster. You know whats' going on in both Cage and Eva's head, and yet you can't seem to knock their heads together to get them both to see things for what they really are. Hate that with fictional characters :(

GREAT story though - I love this whole series!

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Juls Review - 
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Who pulled an all nighter to finish this AHMAZING BOOK……..THIS GIRL!!! 

You know, I kinda lost faith in my girl, Ms Glines, when she wrote Fallen too Far.  I absolutely hated everything about it but then she comes back with a powerhouse kick to my gut.  This book literally knocked me off my feet! 

You think you got your HEA in While it Lasts but there’s a battle that still lurking in both Cage and Eva.  Both have had huge losses and they cant help but think the worse when they know deep down that their love is the real deal and if you just step back and see the person for who they really are then there’s no question to what they should and need to do. 

So many misunderstandings and so much hurt and betrayal that’s so unforgiveable.  My heart hurt for both Cage and Eva.  They deserve the happiness they found in While it Lasts but every journey has bumps.  They can be just cracks or pop holes that flattens your tires but in the end you find that smooth road again and get back to living life.

5 freaking stars Ms Glines.  Thank you!!!  You have restored my faith your ability to create a masterpiece!

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