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Choose Your Shot: An Interactive Erotic Adventure by Christine d'Abo

Choose Your Shot: An Interactive Erotic Adventure

Come explore the newer, naughtier Maverick's, where you are in control of the story.

It's been a year since the decadent BDSM club was gutted in a fire. Tegan has scored an invitation to the grand reopening, where she can finally indulge the needs she's ignored for too long. On her wicked wish list: a thorough spanking, adventurous playmates and complete erotic satisfaction.

As a switch, Tegan can find pleasure as either a sub or a Domme. The question is, what—and who—is she in the mood for tonight?

Master Grant: dominant and drop-dead gorgeous, he hasn't forgotten their last encounter. He'll make sure Tegan gets what she craves—if she submits to him alone.

Eli: the sexy switch has always wanted more from Tegan. But taking their relationship to the next level could mean risking their friendship.

Adam: the last man Tegan expects to encounter at the club, but one she'd love to see more of—if he behaves…

Choose which ending you want for Tegan, or explore all of the sensual possibilities


Tegan held the embossed invitation between her thumb and forefinger as she crossed the street toward the club. The air was chilly for May, but there was no way she was going to hide under a jacket tonight. Not after the hours she’d spent getting ready.

Mavericks had finally reopened.

Like many of the club’s members, she’d been devastated when she’d learned of the attack on Josh and the subsequent fire that had destroyed much of the inside of the building. Mavericks was one of the few places Tegan felt she could let her guard down and be herself. Even now as she stood outside, wearing her black corset, leather skirt and high-heels, she wasn’t scared to let anyone see her.

Wouldn’t her co-workers freak if they realized what she liked to do on a Friday night.

“Ladies and gentlemen, can I have your attention please.” Leo, one of the bouncers filled the doorway with his mass. “If you’re not a member, meaning you don’t have an invitation, you will not be getting in tonight. No bribes. No pouting. Nothing. You can leave now.”

Tightening her hold on her invitation, Tegan watched as several couples drifted away. Sure things would get back to normal soon enough, but it was awesome to know that tonight, the club’s reopening, would be the normal group.

She really missed them.

“Ah Tegan, sweetie. You’re lookin’ hot tonight.” Leo took her invitation when it was finally her turn to step up to the door. “Makes me wish I wasn’t working the late shift.”

Not that she’d ever said anything to him, but she’d always had a bit of a thing for the bouncer. “Well, one of these nights you’re going to have to ask Josh for a night off so you can come play.”

“I would, but Josh isn’t running the show here anymore.”

“Shit, I forgot. How is he doing?”

“The club in Vancouver has really taken off. Paul said Josh will be flying here next month to check in on us and see how we’re all doing. I got the feeling though he wanted to let Paul get things up and running, establish himself as the new manager with everyone before he showed up again.”

Someone behind them coughed loud enough to interrupt their conversation. Of course, everyone was anxious to get in there and she was holding up the show.

“Well, talk to Paul about it. See if he’ll cut you some slack” She winked at Leo. “I better get moving.”

Leo winked back as she sauntered by and into the darkness of the club.

God, she wanted to savor this moment. Moving slowly, Tegan let the pounding beat of the music wash over her. The heavy bass sent an echoing thud through her chest that rivaled her heartbeat. The trance beat was wordless and she found herself moving to the rhythm as she stepped from the dark entrance and into the main floor of the club.


Christine d'Abo © 2012
Carina Press

Christine d'Abo
Christine d’Abo
I’ve been getting asked a lot recently about why /how I got the idea to write an interactive book. I’d like to say it was part of my grand master plan for world domination (I added after the fact), but the truth is I simply wanted to try something different. And I was looking for an excuse to return to my Long Shots universe.
But an interactive book? What does that even mean??
First off, it means planning. I am not a planner. I usually just jump into a writing a story with the idea that I can fix it all in the editing stage.  This is, while possible, not advisable when writing a book that takes off in multiple directions.
Secondly, it means trying to figure out how to bring character growth and a HEA to a story that because of its structure, doesn’t naturally lend to that.
I made a few decisions to help me out with this. I put Tegan in a place where I could let her wander (the club), which made her journey feel natural. I also wanted to ensure the reader had enough content to want to come back to the book multiple times. This means that I had to set Tegan up with three major story paths – her as a Domme, her as a sub, and her engaging in kink without BDSM overtones. Some readers will naturally gravitate to one of these paths over the others, but my hope was they’d then come back and try the other roads.
Then there are the kinks. I think my mother would die if she read even a fraction of this book! And yes, I do get asked A LOT if I do all these things. The answer is no – I don’t do all these things. J But I knew the types of kink I wanted to explore with Tegan and that set me on the research path. You can find anything on the Internet (I don’t recommend random searches unless you’re prepared to be shocked). J Each kink allowed Tegan to explore not only her sexuality, but her personality.
I know not everything will appeal to all readers, but the scenes are short enough that readers won’t feel trapped for long periods reading something that isn’t “doing it” for them. Plus, it’s better than “fall off a cliff” or “blown up” which always seemed to happen to me when I read the Choose Your Own Adventure books as a kid.
The whole thing boils down to, I wanted to write a different sort of book that would be fun for readers. I hope I’ve succeeded.
Choose Your Shot: An Interactive Erotic Adventure is now available at Carina Press, Amazon, Kobo and B&N.

Christine d'Abo is hooked on romance. As a novelist and short story writer with over thirty publications, including the immensely popular Long Shots series, the imagination is always flowing. She loves to exercise and stops writing just long enough to keep her body in motion too. When she's not pretending to be a ninja in her basement, she's most likely spending time with her family and two dogs. Please visit her at

Jen's Review - 

OMG! This is too cool! I remember these kids of books when I was a kid - those action mystery type chapter books! 
I loved those - 

This book is awesome! You get so many different options, but you still get to read them all! 

I don't remember Tegan being mentioned in the other books, but it's been awhile since I read the last one, and even longer for the others, I could be wrong. 

But even so, Tegan is awesome! To be a switch, and to be able to get into her head as she's doing it - and not only that, you get to pick and choose where and what she does! 

My first adventure she went down in the dungeon as a Domme - She was awesome! Totally loved that - 
Adam is a sweetheart , and when she plays with Master Grant, she has  a GREAT Time being a sub, but if you want my opinion, I think she's best with Eli - 

I went back a couple of times and read the different endings after I finished it through once, then twice, then again three times, and then went back through again looking for more - this was so much fun trying to get all the play in. 

Tegan got to play with so many different fun things - I'm really surprised she was able to last through the whole book (that is until I re-read it and let her go home early) 

Everything from Elctro-shock Hot Wax, Orgies, and floggers - OH MY! 

Great story - everything a BDSM lover likes to read about :) 

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