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Love and Fire By Miranda J Fox

Love and Fire (House of Temptation, #1)Love and Fire by Miranda J. Fox
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Erotic love story with level

Shortly after Emma’s cheating boyfriend left her, she decided to regain her self-worth by going with her friend to the House of Temptation, a combination discotheque and swingers club. Emma only had a faint idea of what to expect, but she most certainly didn’t anticipate meeting the most desirable bachelor in the city. With his irresistible, secretive eyes he manages to seduce Emma. Just as she decides to forget her little adventure, fate throws them together again and he forces her to recognize him. Emma has to decide if she wants to risk becoming another plaything, or if there could be something more serious lurking in his intentions.

“House of Temptation” is the first novella of the Miranda J. Fox Erotic Series.

Juls' Review
I received this book from the author and I am so glad she asked me to review this for her.

I was really impressed with the way the book flowed for it being so short. I just wish it was longer because I am very anxious about where things are headed for Emma and James. These characters are very young so some of what they feel seem way more mature for their very young age but love and desire has no age limit.

James has it all. At the age of 24 he's got several businesses and is on the radar to many single women. One of his businesses is a swingers club. Emma and a friend decide to live it up and go have some fun for a night. What Emma doesnt expect is to fall literally on to James lap.

Emma and James get really familiar in the shower room but Emma doesnt do this kind of thing. She's not looking for anyone and she's not ready for anything serious. Its unlike her to behave this crass so she is clueless to why she is loses all control when he's around.

I cant wait to see how their story unfolds.

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