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The Sinner's Series - by Rhys Ford - Sinner's Gin and Whiskey and Wry

Sinner's Gin (Sinners, #1)

There’s a dead man in Miki St. John’s vintage Pontiac GTO, and he has no idea how it got there.

After Miki survives the tragic accident that killed his best friend and the other members of their band, Sinner’s Gin, all he wants is to hide from the world in the refurbished warehouse he bought before their last tour. But when the man who sexually abused him as a boy is killed and his remains are dumped in Miki’s car, Miki fears Death isn’t done with him yet.

Kane Morgan, the SFPD inspector renting space in the art co-op next door, initially suspects Miki had a hand in the man’s murder, but Kane soon realizes Miki is as much a victim as the man splattered inside the GTO. As the murderer’s body count rises, the attraction between Miki and Kane heats up. Neither man knows if they can make a relationship work, but despite Miki’s emotional damage, Kane is determined to teach him how to love and be loved — provided, of course, Kane can catch the killer before Miki becomes the murderer’s final victim

Jul's Review : 

What a find!  I really loved this book.  Miki, poor poor Miki.  Had a really shitty childhood but somehow in the midst of all the darkness found his voice in music.  But tragedy befalls him and he's left alone once again.  He's withdrawn into himself and wont let anyone in.  It was so sad to see him slowly withering away :(

Kane is a SFPD inspector and on his off time he's quite the woodsman.  His studio neighbor has a pesky dog that needs a lesson.  Either the owner will do it or he will.  Miki is unfazed by Kane's barking demands that he do something to punish his mutt.  His attitude plain pisses Kane off but there's something about this man who is too thin and dejected.  Kane's protective nature sparks to life and he cant help but invades Miki's life.  
While the relationship between Kane and Miki flourish there's a killer out for revenge and Miki is the target. 

Miki is in trouble.  Someone is out to get him.  It wasnt bad enough his past haunts his dreams but now the past seems to be catching up with him. 
Kane and his partner do everything in their power to find this crazed killer while uncovering the past that Miki has tried to bury deep within him.  What they find is horrid and gruesome. 
Can Kane help Miki find peace or will he lose him to the dark?
If you are looking for some romance and some intrigue this is it! 
Very fun to read.
Jen's Review : 

Miki has lived a hard life - abusive childhood, to run-away street rat. Miki finally caught his break - When Damion walked by the alley and heard Miki singing, they asked him to join their band.

Sinner's Gin started taking off and things were starting to look up for Miki - his band mates were his family that he never had growing up. He didn't care about the rest.

But that night when that horrible accident happened and Miki was the only survivor. Living the rest of his life crippled and alone.

Kane grew up with his Irish loving family - lots of family and fun - I really loved his mom!
Being home a lot, that stupid dog kept coming in and taking things. When Kane finally followed the scroungy dog back into the warehouse that was turned into a house, he couldn't believe his eyes.

Kane wondered back over the next day - following the dog into the garage, when he noticed the motor running.
he peeked into the car and couldn't believe what he saw.

When Miki emerged from the house into the doorway to the garage, he lost everything in his stomach.

At the police station, Miki was questioned by many cops - And only Kane and his partner could see the innocence in Miki's eyes.

When Kane takes Miki home and starts spending more time with him, Kane starts to get a little more attached then he meant to.

So when Miki opened his front door and saw the bag full of gizzards and fingers, Kane was the first one he called.

Someone was targeting Miki and Kane was determined to find out who it was.

Really cute story - Kane and Miki are two complete opposites. But something between the two of them clicks and Kane finally understands his feelings. Seeing it through his parents growing up, Kane goes after what he wants.


Whiskey and Wry (Sinners, #2)

  Whiskey and Wry

Sequel to Sinner's Gin
Sinners Series: Book Two

He was dead. And it was murder most foul. If erasing a man’s existence could even be called murder.

When Damien Mitchell wakes, he finds himself without a life or a name. The Montana asylum’s doctors tell him he’s delusional and his memories are all lies: he’s really Stephen Thompson, and he’d gone over the edge, obsessing about a rock star who died in a fiery crash. His chance to escape back to his own life comes when his prison burns, but a gunman is waiting for him, determined that neither Stephen Thompson nor Damien Mitchell will escape.

With the assassin on his tail, Damien flees to the City by the Bay, but keeping a low profile is the only way he’ll survive as he searches San Francisco for his best friend, Miki St. John. Falling back on what kept him fed before he made it big, Damien sings for his supper outside Finnegan’s, an Irish pub on the pier, and he soon falls in with the owner, Sionn Murphy. Damien doesn’t need a complication like Sionn, and to make matters worse, the gunman—who doesn’t mind going through Sionn or anyone else if that’s what it takes kill Damien—shows up to finish what he started

Jen's Review : My rating: 5 of 5 stars

OMG! If you loved Sinner's Gin - you're going to love this one!

After reading the heartbreaking story of Miki St.John, we fall right into the hands of the one everyone thought was dead - Damien Mitchell. Miki's Best friend and lead guitarist. The one that was there to help Miki write the music of his life.

If you remember reading the last chapter in the first book, you'll know that Damien has a lot of gaps in his memory right now. Not sure why they're calling him a different name, or if he just thinks he's a different person and he's really crazy -

This book starts off right from there - a fire breaks out at the asylum and they have no choice but to evacuate the burning building.
And just as Damien and his guard step out the doors, Damien catches a break and heads for the woods.

Sometime later, Damien has his guitar and well, that's about all he has anymore - His memories are starting to come back little by little. He remembers Miki, and he remembers San Francisco, but he can't remember where the warehouse is that they bought!
So Damien is playing the streets of San Francisco trying to earn a few bucks, keeping his head low, and searching out his best friend.

Sionn is helping out in his Gran's Pub.
Seeing the cowboy strumming his guitar. he knows he should send him on his way, but, Sionn likes the view :)

After some time of getting to know each other, someone starts shooting at Damien, and gets a little too close to Sionn. So Damien takes off in order to protect Sionn.

When Sionn catches up to Dee again, he's determined to make him talk about what's going on.

Unfortunately, Damien doesn't know what's going on..

Good thing Sionn knows who to talk to in order to help Damien out :D

You're going to love this book - these guys are awesome together, and how they find Miki and Kane is just .. Wow! Loved it!!! I mean you could see it coming into focus the closer you got to it, but wow! I totally loved Kane and Sionn when they got together and talked about Miki and Damien -

The murderer is a surprise, and the HEA these two get will have you saying "AWE"

Then you get the first chapter of next book *SQUEAL* I'm so anxious to read that story!!! Can't wait!!

I'm really enjoying this series, and I'm thankful we were able to receive an ARC copy for an honest review :)


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