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Brave Girl by Kate Baum

Brave Girl (Girl Series #2)
Brave Girl by Kate Baum
Eve is beyond excitement for her new adventure. Only a truly brave girl could move thousands of miles from home to begin a five year commitment teaching on an American Indian Reservation. As soon as she arrives, she finds that many of the tribe’s people are not very welcoming. They are suspicious of the college students that work and live on the reservation in exchange for free graduate tuition. After a misunderstanding, Eve decides she absolutely despises a certain tribal police officer. Circumstances cause her to keep running into him. 
Lou regrets the awkward situation where he first met Eve. He had been openly distrustful of the college girls who have come to live on the reservation. In the past, some of the girls were disrespectful of the tribe’s culture. There is something different about Eve. He can’t get her out of his head. The more he tries to get to know her, the more she pulls away. What will it take for Lou to convince Eve that their attraction for each other cannot be denied?
Eve has given up on men. She has had unsatisfying sex in the past and decided that men are just not worth the trouble. She’s a modern young woman and decides that using a handy tool is all she needs to relieve her sexual frustration. The problem is……there’s a gorgeous sexy police officer that stirs her blood like no man has ever done before. Eve is tough and strong and brave. She doesn’t like the fact that her legs shake and her voice trembles whenever she crosses paths with him. Maybe if she keeps running from him, she won’t have to face what her body…..or her heart is telling her.
****Warning – for adults only. Contains graphic sex including a group sex scene and a m/m sexual situation.* 

Kate Baum

Kate Baum 

An Interview with Kate Baum 

  • How did you come up with the idea for your book?

The men that Grace, Eve, Janie, and Dee all fall in love with are fantasies in my head.  For a better explanation see the next question!

  • Can you tell us about the journey that led you to write your book?

When I was a young, I always loved writing stories but never thought about doing so professionally.  I was a voracious reader so I think I always saw writing as a natural extension.  It was something I enjoyed but didn’t think to pursue further.  As a middle school librarian, all I read for years was young adult.  It was exciting for me when each of my five children were in their teenage years as they were reading the same books as me!  I have been blessed that my own children are passionate about reading.  We would often exchange books and talk about them for hours.  It was a running joke that I never read adult.  My friends would say I was eternally stuck in my teenage years.  

What changed all this was the popularity of fifty shades.  Now I know this is controversial in some circles.  I have fellow librarians and teachers that I work with that turn up their nose at this series.  They talk about the ridiculous story line or poor writing.  I don’t look at books that harshly.  To me, a book is an escape.  At first, I picked up fifty shades out of pure curiosity.  Instantly I became a fan of erotic romance.
The book reminded me of my own fantasies that I have had in my head for years that were dying to come out.  Reading erotic romance finally convinced me to put my own dreams out there.

  • If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything about your book?

At this point, I’m going to say no.  However, I am in the process of sending the book to as many reviewers as I can to help get my name out there.  I am enjoying the feedback but so far, I haven’t seen anything I want to change.

  • What was the hardest part of writing your book?

As a middle school librarian, I set up author visits every year.  A few years back, I was contemplating writing a young adult series.  I confessed to the author that was visiting I was thinking about it but was overwhelmed with trying to find the time.  She gave me great advice.  She said “Write every day.  Even if it’s only 30 minutes.  Write something.”
I needed to remember that when I started Nice Girl.  As I wrote above, I have five children and a full time job.  I get up for work at 5am so it is hard for me to keep my eyes open at night.  I took that advice to heart of making sure I wrote every day.  Otherwise, I could see how frustrating it would be to just give up

  • Do you have a musical playlist you listen to when writing?

Not usually.  Since I have been raising children for twenty years AND am a school librarian in a school of 1000 students, I find myself craving quiet!  Although, the song “Holding out for a hero” was inspirational in writing Nice Girl.

  • What would you say in your most interesting writing quirk?

Sometimes when I’m writing, I’ll find myself getting stuck at a certain point.  So, that night I dream about it and the next step comes to me.  Yes, I like to dream about my characters.

  • Do you have plans for any subsequent books?

Nice Girl is book one of a four planned book series.  I also have ideas for two more books on characters that are introduced in the Girl Series.

  • Do you have any specific that you want to say to your readers?

Keep giving Indie books a chance!  

About The Author : 
Kate Baum

Kate Baum 
Kate Baum is a librarian who resides in the Hudson Valley area of New York.  She lives with her husband of 23 years and 5 children.  Their busy household also includes a dog and a cat adopted by the local rescue shelter.  When she isn't working, cooking, doing laundry or taking care of the kids, she loves to write down her fantasies!

Jen's review - 

What a great book! I was really excited to read this one.
My dad was a huge lover of the Native American things, and I grew up going from store to store buying him anything and everything that I thought he'd love.

But this book has so much more to it then just the Indian History and romance -

The book starts off like Nice Girl did - the 4 girls getting ready to go off on their own ways - they had their Orgasm pack that Dee suggested once they found out none of the 4 girls has ever experienced one.

We read Nice Girl (and even if you haven't, that's ok, because you will still understand everything in this book) The best part was there were other things going on with Eve's girlfriends - we saw her web chatting with her girls, the whole incident with Janie, and Grace and Vinnie falling in love - it was fun to see from Eve's POV - But it wont get you lost in the story if you haven't read Grace's story yet :)

But anyways - so the book starts off, and Eve goes off to the Indian Reservation. She is ready to start her life as a Librarian, and the ... I guess this is the final part of her college - kind of an internship job - I can't remember if they actually ahd a name for it - yikes! So sorry!

Anyways - so she's here at the Reservation, and as she steps off the plane, she meets the other 3 girls that are on the same Student Plan that she is on.
These girls are great - but they're flawed in their own eyes. Making themselves more vulnerable towards the looks, and cold shoulders everyone seems to be giving them.

Eve instantly takes a liking to all the girls. When they get to the school, they check out the classrooms and library. Eve was disapointed. The library was in such sorry shape, but her sharp mind started realing to find out how she could turn this library into something the students would love.

When She had over heard the talking in the hallway, she walked out and saw 2 of her friends talking to the 3 police officers - only it wasn't a friendly chat. One of the officers were saying mean things, and Eve's motherly instincts kicked in. She stood up to the officer. The other two officers didn't say anything, but they weren't helping either. So in Eve's eyes, they were just as hateful as the one who did the lashing out.

The book starts and Eve picks up ideas and gets to work right away on getting the library started. Everyone seems to be impressed with her people skills as she orders more books from surrounding public libraries.
Classes start and the kids are just fun to read about. The relationship these girls form with the students is awesome - Eve really loves her job, and you can tell.

It's not until about 20+ % into the book where we even learn the sexy long haired officer's name - Lou Red Wolf.
Now Lou wasn't the one shooting his mouth off, but just standing there not doing anything about it, made him just as bad.
But slowly Lou started showing up here and there, keeping his eye on Eve. And she couldn't help but notice the hot lusty looks he was giving her. She had those same thoughts - but it wasn't until Christmas break with Eve and the other girls were getting ready to head home for a couple of weeks when Lou told her he was going to miss her.

She had no idea what to think of that!!
But while she was hanging out with her cousin, she did learn a few things about the Orgasm pact :)

When she gets back to the reservation, school picks up again and Eve is busy - The high school kids come it at the end of class, and she started fishing for information about the towns sexiest police officer. What better way to get information than the high school girls??

She didn't have to try hard, they were all too willing to talk about this heart throbbing guy.
That's when Eve found out that in time, the Tribe would belong to Lou, and his mom was pushing hard to find him a suitable princess for the Chief of their Tribe.

Eve was no one's princess - but would her heart be strong enough to have some fun with him before he cast her aside for the one he chooses to run the Tribe with??

Cute story - we watch a lot of Eve's insecurities playing out. For such a strong, brave and stubborn woman, She sure was stupid :D

TOTALLY looking forward to Funny Girl in the Fall - We have been given a glimps of Janie's story from 2 different books now, I'm excited to learn what really happened that day ...

Check out Mine and Jul's  review for Nice Girl - book one Girl Series :)


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