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His Brother's Baby (Bad Boy Ballers) by Imani King

His Brother's Baby (Bad Boy Ballers) by [King, Imani]

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His Brother's Baby (Bad Boy Ballers) 

by Imani King

At one time, nothing was out of my reach: women, fame, money. After my father’s death, I left the world of professional football to rediscover my purpose in life, but something was missing. I didn’t know what that something was until my brother abandoned his daughter on my doorstep.
I look into the baby's eyes and know that I am all she has. I will fight for and love and protect her. Nothing and no one will stop me, not even my brother.
* * *
I ran to save my life and my daughter’s. However, I didn’t run far or fast enough. When my ex finds me, he takes everything…including my baby.
Now, I have to save my daughter before it’s too late. When I discover she’s at the Double Mountain Ranch, I pose as a nanny so I can care for her and plan our escape. But I didn’t expect to fall in love with my employer…my ex’s brother.
How can one brother be so different from the other? This wounded cowboy loves my baby as much as I do. He can give her the life I never could. He wants to put a ring on my finger and has already branded my heart.
I want to give in, but I can’t. Will telling him who I am set us both free, or will my secret ruin us both?

Jen's Review 3 Stars

I am only giving this 3 stars because I really liked the story - I'm not sure why, but the editing in this was pretty bad - I usually skip over typos and grammar and not worry about it - but this time was a little frustrating - the story was told in both their POV - but there were a few places where they talked about the person that was supposed to be narrating - 

Other than that happening through-out the story - I'd have to say it was a cute story though 

Sometimes just because you're the better parent, doesn't mean everyone will say that - money talks and even though she was the only parent that wanted to take care of her baby - because her ex didn't want her to, he made sure she lost the custody battle.

But she would do anything for her little girl

When Brad has the baby for less than 24 hours, her constant crying is enough to drive him crazy! 
Since he has to go to out of town for work and can't take a screaming baby with him, he drops her off at his brother's house. 

His brother is a good guy - wanting nothing more than to have a family of his own - he takes care of his mom who needs help with her every day life in her older age. Once he gets the offer to take care of his neice, he makes sure it's done right - knowing Brad will do whatever he can to make things difficult, he does what he can to secure this little girl -

Only Tamara is a bit of a difficult child - she doesn't like strangers  and isn't afraid to let you know about it. 
With Tamara's constant screaming and crying - it makes it hard for anyone to get any work done - hiring a nanny is getting harder and harder 

Like I said - cute story - just a little hard to read in some places - but I'd recommend it :) 

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