Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Mourning After by Adriane Leigh

The Mourning After (The Mourning After, #1)

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Haunted by a painful past, Georgia Montgomery escapes the memories by buying a beach house on the North Carolina coast. She hopes a summer filled with sun, sand, margaritas and best friends will heal her, but when an unexpected visitor shows up, her past, present and future collide.

Georgia is instantly drawn to Tristan Howell, the bronze-skinned, golden-haired stranger with an easy smile and eyes the deepest shade of green she's ever seen. She tries to deny the depth of her feelings for him, but just like an addiction- one look, one touch, one taste is never enough. With Tristan she loses control of the lonely world she's constructed for herself and learns that moving forward isn't possible while she's still chained to the events of her past.

Before the summer is over friendships will be tested, hearts shattered and lives changed, and waiting for Georgia to find herself may destroy them all.


Adriane Leigh
Adriane Leigh

Born and raised in a snowbank in Michigan's Upper Peninsula and now lives amongst the sand dunes of the Lake Michigan lakeshore.
Graduated with a Literature degree but never particularly enjoyed reading Shakespeare or Chaucer.
Married to a tall, dark and handsome guy, and plays mama to two sweet baby girls. Also a voracious reader and knitter.

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Jen's review 

Really cute story - normally I wouldn't like this book -
I'm not a big fan of reading about a woman who cheats on her boyfriend. A boyfriend who seems to want to make things work with her even though they're struggling. It just seems to me like she was trying to pick and choose the cuter one - or the one that turned her on more.

But after reading the story a little more ( I saw the 4-5 stars on everyone else's reviews so I kept reading through - and besides, Tristan was HOT!) I was able to see that things weren't all that they seemed.

Georgia has a history that haunts her. Something that we don't find out until later - we read the nightmares - but they're hard to piece together. So we don't really know what's going on -

It's summertime, and Georgia is tired of her every day life with her current boyfriend Kyle. They've been together since they were 12 years old. She felt comfortable with him, and their whole future was easily planned out.
Kyle is going to Law School and working the many many many hours it takes to get the promotion after promotion in order to make it in the Lawyers world. And Georgia understands he's trying to make a future for them, but she's lonely.
Sure she has her BFF Silas to keep her company, He's awesome by the way - but he cant' give her what she needs.

Ready to branch out and move things forward a little, on a whim she buys a house , about 300 miles away from where she and Kyle were living. Kyle is stuck in D.C. working late nights and early mornings -
Georgia invites Silas and their old collage friend Drew up to the house that she just bought on the beach to help her fix it up.

Drew is excited and asks to bring her newest boyfriend Gavin - And Gavin brings his BFF Tristan -

The chemistry between Tristan and Georgia is strong - and all her friends are anti-Kyle anyways - so they're encouraging Georgia to see where things go with Tristan - but Georgia feels guilty for wanting to do that..

But the guilt doesn't stop her...

The book may seem like it's all about her guilt about cheating on Kyle, but it's really not - we don't find out until the end what's really going on inside Georgia's head.

And no matter how much you want to hate Georgia, you can't help but love her, and Tristan - the guy is awesome - but he's not saint either. When things get tough, Tristan gets Laid ??? lol

I don't know - I did enjoy the book - I haggled back and forth with Georgia and Tristan because they both knew they were in the wrong but sometimes your heart doesn't always know right from wrong, it just knows what it feels.....

I am looking foward to the second book coming out in Fall 2013 :) 
Light of Mourning (The Mourning After, #2)

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Christina J. Adams said...

I loved the title for this and wondered what it was about. I'm with you on not normally enjoying stories about cheating, but you have me interested about her reasons at the end. Good review! :)