Monday, June 5, 2017

Kept by the Cowboy by Sasha Gold

Kept by the Cowboy by [Gold, Sasha]

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Kept by the Cowboy by Sasha Gold

A Contemporary, Western Romance

Luke Hardeman’s no stranger to long days. As foreman of the 4,000-acre Wilson Ranch, he’s put in the time and sweat to make the ranch the finest in Colter Canyon. But when Jed Wilson passes away and leaves the property to his granddaughter, city-girl Rachel Wilson, Luke knows it’s time to move on.

He won’t work for a woman.

Especially that woman.

Rachel Wilson might be the prettiest temptation he’s ever seen, but she’s too young, too sassy and as stubborn as the day is long. He wants to protect her and keep her safe, but he’s fighting a losing battle, trying hard to ignore the attraction sizzling inside him. Luke plans to stay until the will is read, and then he plans to pack up, buy his own place and put some distance between him and Rachel.

But it's not that simple. To Luke’s surprise, the will includes him.

Jed’s final wishes bind Luke and Rachel not only to the ranch but to each other…

JEn's Review 

CUTE!! This was a quick read for me (It's Saturday!) 
But it's been a while since I've read about a real cowboy :) These kinds of stories use to be my favorite - now I read random books that catch my attention - but this one was recommended by an Author I liked, so I gave it a try :) 

The Blurb says it all :) Rachel is at the main house with her grandfather - their relationship was strained their whole lives, but she was there with him at the end - She didn't know anything about running a ranch, and her grandfather wasn't much help in preparing her. 

Luke is the Ranch's second hand - or the foreman - he's in charge, but since it's not his ranch, he doesn't has final say in how things are run. Jed is an old man living life 50 years ago and not willing to update anything.  

Luke's first reaction to Rachel was not a good impression - yes he thought she was beautiful, but he thought she was just there to appease her grandfather until he left her the land.  but as the weeks road on, he was seeing another side of her. She actually cared. 

There were a few things missing at the end - like her chickens! lol but this was really a cute story - a fun read for me :) 

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