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Sweet Torment: by Georgia Cates

Sweet Torment: A Novella by [Cates, Georgia]

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Sweet Torment: by Georgia Cates

A new steamy, lighthearted contemporary romance from New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Georgia Cates.

He's going to tutor her in more ways than one. 

My best friend's little sister--that's all Claudia Bliss is to me.
My head keeps trying to convince my heart, but both know it's a damn lie.

It's her face I see every time I close my eyes.
It's her lips I long to kiss.
It's her touch I crave in the dark.
She's the one I love... but wanting Claudia is wrong.

She's been like a little sister to me since the day she was born. Now, everything between us is changing--including the special bond we've always shared. It's stronger than ever... and becoming something so different. Something so hot. Something so forbidden.

My little dove is growing up.
Doesn't matter how wrong it is, I can't stop wanting her.

I will have her.

Bram Windsor. I have loved him my entire life.

For years, I was nothing more than one of the boys to him. Owen's little sister. The pest who tagged along everywhere the boys went. But now, everything has changed.

I've grown up and it's time Bram sees me for what I am. A woman. A sexual being who wants him. A virgin more than ready to give herself to him.

I don't care what our friends or family say. I love him and everything about being together feels right. 

I will have him.

***Note from Georgia--
Sweet Torment is a 33k+ word standalone novella.
HEA. No cheating. No cliffhanger.

Jen's Review 

Cute story - reminds me a lot of Twilight :) Bram and Cladia grew up together - he was 6 years old when she was born. Best friends with her brother Owen and their other friend River. But when they saw pictures of them together - Bram was the one holding Cladia the most. 

Even as they grew older, and Cladia learned how to walk, she'd tag along with these guys everywhere, and Bram was right there walking slower with her so she could keep up. 

But getting older, meant feelings changed. 
Bram knew 6 years was a big difference. So he did what any teenager would do and experimented with other girls. 

Cladia was hurt - and she didn't know why, but still, life kept moving on. 

Cute story of a 23-year-old guy who saw his 17-year-old best friend's sister all grown up. He knew it was wrong, but that didn't stop either one of them from knowing what was finally happening to them :) 

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