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Arousal by Simone Sowood

Arousal by [Sowood, Simone]


Arousal by Simone Sowood 

Fake Girlfriend, Real Arousal

A woman I've never seen before just told her father I'm her boyfriend.
I walked into the restaurant to grab dinner between important meetings and there she was, red cheeked and fury in her electric blue eyes.
I figure I'll help her out with whatever she has going on with her father, so I kiss her.
If she wants to be what's on my menu, that's fine by me.
As she melts into my arms, the taste of her lips and the fire in her eyes hits me in the gut.
She's mine.
This might be a game to her, but I'm playing for real. And trust me when I say I never lose.
I'm going to use my vast wealth and power to get her exactly where I want her.
Who knows, I might even tell her who I really am.

*** A steamy STANDALONE contemporary romance with a hot bad boy billionaire alpha. No cliffhanger, no cheating, and a guaranteed happily-ever-after. Please note this contains a bonus book, both books are full length novels. The bonus books starts at 50%***

Simone Sowood
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Jen's Review - 3.5 Stars 

I don't think the book held up to it's titile - but the storyline was really fun to read. 
Darcy works for her family company, and her dad isn't the easiest guy to work for - but she tries her best to make the company the way it should be - if only he'd take a second to consider her opinion about... well anything. 

The one thing that grates on her nerves the most is when he tells her he needs a heir - she needs to find herself a boyfriend and settle down quickly - 
While they're out to dinner one night - she had enough of his talk and tagged the first guy to walk into the restaurant alone. 

Little did she know there would be sparks flying :) 

Liam is a loner - he likes his life held in secret - and secrets does he have! But when this stranger tagged him as her boyfriend with her father, he felt the connection instantly and had to see where it goes.  

Like I said it was a cute story to read - different :) 

Wish It were longer - the ebook only went to 50% before going to other stories - I haven't read those yet :) 

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