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Hardcore: Complete Series by Staci Hart

Hardcore: Complete Series by [Hart, Staci]


Hardcore: Complete Series by Staci Hart 

Cory James has never known a life where she wasn’t running. Running from the cops, her home, her past. Running from love. The only time she’s free is when she throws on her hood and takes to the roofs to become a part of New York, to climb to a place in the city where she doesn’t feel alone. 

Stealing is nothing, lying inevitable, byproducts of survival. A way for Cory to provide for herself and for her younger sister, Jill, give her the life Cory couldn’t have. For five years, Cory set up a long line of teetering dominos, one by one, choice by choice. 

Meeting Van is the first domino to fall, and once they crash into each other, it’s only a matter of time before her whole world is in danger of falling apart. She can tell herself over and again that she doesn’t care, but it’s a lie. She knows it from the first time she says his name, but she can’t let him in, not when she has a job to do, a job that could rip her life apart at the seams. One that she’ll have to betray Van to finish.

He’ll follow however high she can climb, but she can only run for so long before she has to choose.

Staci Hart

Jen's Review 5 Stars

OMG! I Love Parkour!!!
I've seen videos of guys doing it, but this is my first book about it - I could just see the city falling away as they jump from roof to roof :)

Cute Story! I really liked this one!! Cory is a bad ass girl who isn't a goody goody - nope, she's a liar and a theif - but deep down she's loyal and generous - just ask her 16-year-old sister Jill. Cory just wants to give her little sister everything she never had.

The story has a group of girls who grew up together - Parkouring all over since they were in high school. But it wasn't until 5 years ago when Jade wanted to take things a little farther - stealing was so easy and the money they got was addicting - Jill's private school was paid for and she had enough money saved up to put Jill though college - that's all she wanted -

After a hit they were running the rooftops back to the loft to release their lout - but they were spotted by a group of guys who were Parkouring themselves - it was hardly heard of to meet up with someone else, especally as high up as they were, but the guys picked up speed and gave the girls chase.
Only the girls didn't know the guys were just goofing off.

That's how we meet Van - Van is a top photographer who takes pictures of the city from shots no one else can get to - but he kept up with Cory -

After one time on a rooftop together, Van couldn't stay away any longer.

Cory wasn't looking for romance, in fact, she stays far away from it - no one would understand what she deals with day to day -

Like I said, Cute story - I liked how the girls in the group were friends, but still had a lot of crap to dish out too - they seemed more real - like they all lived a hard life.

Wouldn't mind reading another story like this :)

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