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Fallen Crest Forever (Fallen Crest Series Book 7) by Tijan

Fallen Crest Forever (Fallen Crest Series Book 7) by [Tijan]


Fallen Crest Forever 

(Fallen Crest Series Book 7) by Tijan 

Mason Kade is the dream.
He is the promise.
He’s offering what so many would fantasize about, and it’s not that I don’t want it/him/us.
It’s the opposite.
There might be ghosts haunting me, but this man who's my soulmate is asking me for forever.
How can I say no to someone who already gave me my happily ever after?

The last full-length novel for the Fallen Crest Series!


Jen's Review 5 +++ Stars!!!! 

Just look at the cover of this book! Can I get an AWE?!!!! lol 
It's definitely the last of this series - Maybe Logan and Nate will get another book or their own series, but OMG!!!!! I waited a long time for this book - I re-read this series 3 times when new books came out - so I'm looking forward to next year when I can re-read this series again and have all 7 books waiting for me :) 

This book - yes there is an HEA FINALLY! And no cliffhanger - 
It's been I think 6 or 7 years since these two/three/four/five + met and become a strong family
It was really something else to just read about how they grew up - matured (as much as you could call it that:) ) 
They still faught hard for the ones they loved - and in the words of Mama Melinda - That's something everyone hopes to experience at least once in their life :) 

This wasn't a quick HEA to end a series either - it was long, and it was intense. I wanted to scream a few times at them for everything!  And then a few more things happen and I wanted to cry tears of joy, there were times tears of sadness came into play, but mostly tears of joy after they pulled their heads out :) 

This whole freakin series was just awesome! Start it ASAP and enjoy it :) 



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