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The Gamble by Eve Carter

The Gamble by [Carter, Eve]

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The Gamble by Eve Carter

100,000 words Stand-alone romance. No Cliffhanger.


I love the game. It’s my life, my dream, and today I put my name in for the NFL Draft picks this year. That’s right. I’m quitting college as a junior. A degree can wait. My dream can’t.
Sure, this is a gamble but if I wait, I could get injured or worse, meet a chick. 
So I made rules. No girls. No relationships. Absolutely, nothing to come between the NFL and me. 
Piece of cake, right?
I thought so too, but then I met Allie on a spring break road trip with my best bud, AJ. 
They say every superhero has his kryptonite. Well, Allie Artemis may very well be my downfall. Sexy lips and long dark hair makes her the biggest gamble of all. My career is on the line and a relationship could ruin every chance I have with the NFL. 

Most people don’t wake up one day and say: hey, I want a crazy life running away from my past. Well, I’m not most people. Some call me hard-core but don’t let my attitude fool you. It’s just a self-defense mechanism. I’m really hurting inside. With my life crashing down around me, I have to find a way out. I never asked Cam Landsborough to save me but he sure looked like a superhero that night.
I don’t usually take risks, but I figured there was a decent chance that Cam could be my ticket to freedom. I know, it’s a gamble, but what other choice do I have? Call me a gold digger if you like, but I prefer the term “escape artist”.

Jen's Review 4 Stars

Cute story!!  
It was nice to read a story with a big strong guy who doesn't act like he's God's gift - Cam is an honest, down to earth guy who just wants to enjoy life and get drafted into the NFL - No chicks, no drama, just good old fashion fun with his best friend

But that doesn't always happen :) 
On their road trip to Vegas for Spring Break, AJ gets a flat tire - the spare is only good for a few extra miles, not the few hundred left they have til they get to Vegas - so they pull off to a gas station - 

They weren't prepared for Allie

Just thinking with his little head, Cam and AJ pick up a little wager about getting her number - but Cam does better than that, they're going to meet her for drinks :) 

Allie is a good girl, she's just a little lost in life. Scared of her own demons who wont leave her alone - 
She wants to be loved by a good guy, not a big guy who treats her like he owns her. 
She knew Cam was the guy to help her out of her sticky situation - but she didn't realize the risks he'd be taking for her. 

Hot steamy sex scenes in this book (quit a few of them too) 
But the story was cute and all and all a fun read :) 

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