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Princess and the Beast (Naughty Boy Book 5) by Chance Carter

Princess and the Beast (Naughty Boy Book 5) by [Carter, Chance]

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Princess and the Beast (Naughty Boy Book 5) by Chance Carter

This is no fairy tale.
Deacon cares about three things. Getting wasted, getting dirty, and getting me between the sheets!
He's a Beast!
So what's a smart, curvy girl like me doing, quivering at his every touch?
I grew up in the fanciest part of Boston, only daughter to a rich and powerful man. I had everything money could buy, and I was lined up to marry a man just like my father.
The only problem?
Those rich guys had no heart, no passion, and their idea of love was having a piece of arm candy to show off to their business associates. They would never fulfill me, not in the way I craved.
Deacon isn't like that, he made that clear from the beginning. He might not be winning any popularity contests at the country club, but when danger comes my way, he has my back.
Um, my back, my front, and every other part of me he wants! I'm his for the taking!
And my man has an appetite!
I never claimed to be a princess. I'm a kind person, I have a good heart, but I have desires too.
I didn't see this happening, it wasn't part of the plan, but I'm Deacon's now. And he's all mine.
Princess and the Beast is a four hundred page standalone with a Happy Ever After for the two lovers.

Jen's Review 3+ Stars 

This was the first book I read of this series - It was really a good story - I wasn't lost on who was who - but I did see where the other stories seemed to have come before this one (Hunter and Grant) but it was just enough to get your curious about their story , and not enough to throw you off with this one :) 

I was expecting more of a pampered princess with Savanah - but she was pretty down to earth and an honest good person. Just grew up with parents who had money and left her alone a little too much.  

Decan was the typical "beast" who grew up trying to survive pretty much from the day he was born. 

It was a typical meeting - but it had a few things thrown in there to grab your attention enough.  All and all, I think it was a pretty good story - could have been a little longer, would have been nice to read more about Grady since we saw a lot of his story in this one too - but maybe he'll show up later :) 

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