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Wife Me Bad Boy (Naughty Boy Book 2y Chance Carter

Wife Me Bad Boy (Naughty Boy Book 2) by [Carter, Chance]

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Wife Me Bad Boy (Naughty Boy Book 2y Chance Carter

My Name is Grant Lucas, And I Will Make You My Wife.
I look like any normal Bad Boy. Tattoos, Muscles, Swagger. I look ... good.
But I'm not good, and I will Make a Wife out of You.

Lacey thinks she wants a husband, she thinks she wants a nice man to settle down with. She has no idea. The guy she has in mind is all wrong. He doesn't have the balls. He doesn't even come close to being man enough for a girl like her.

I know what she wants, she wants the Rock Hard strength of a real man.
And if she's going to get a husband, it's going to be me. I'm the only one who can wife her.

She doesn't know it yet, but I'm going to Wife her so Hard her Head will Spin.

JEn's Review  3 Stars

Awww Cute story - I was a little unimpressed with Lacey though - 
I can understand a woman getting older, lonelier - wanting the man you know doesn't want you the same way - and becoming desperate to move on with your life. But the guys she dated were really big losers! She kept trying to give them the benefit of the doubt - but Rob??? Holy crap! I'd kick his ass for some of the things he said and did!! Geez! 

Ok other than that part - the story was really good - You can tell Lacey has a good heart and only wants someone to love her - she'd prefer it was Grant, but since Grant has told her many times it wasn't going to happen, she didn't have a choice but to believe him. right? 

Grant, Grant, Grant..... this guy - sweetest guy, but biggest wuss I've read about :) Kidding - he just didn't know what he wanted until he thought he couldn't have it anymore - of course! 

The whole one night only between them was hot - but the whole time he's asking her to play out his fantasy, he's also telling her they'll never speak or think of this night ever again.  So why did they do it?? Because they couldn't help themselves - I get that :) 

Like I said - it was a cute story - just a little peeved with these two - but the story picked up and things happened and I was in love with them both - so all and all it was a good read :) 

Looking forward to book 3 :) 

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