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Heart of the Hunter (Naughty Boy Book 4) by Chance Carter

Heart of the Hunter (Naughty Boy Book 4) by [Carter, Chance]

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Heart of the Hunter (Naughty Boy Book 4) by Chance Carter

A thick, Boston accent? Check.
A filthy mouth? Check.
Tattoos over every inch of his rippling muscles? Check again.
Hunter is everything I'd always been warned against. He's the man they always told me to steer clear of. And he's the man I want more than anything I ever saw in my life. I don't care if he's trouble. I don't care if he swears more than a sailor. Everyone can get used to it. Because no one tells me who to love.

My name is Hunter, and when it comes to my woman, I don’t play around. I feel her. I protect her. I love her ferociously.
Some people say I go too far. They think I deserve to be locked up. I’m not a reasonable man. I’ve got more blood on my hands than you’ve ever seen. And I'll tell you right now, I would kill for my woman. Isn't that what true love means?

Am I an animal? Am I a monster? Sure.

But Kelly changed me. She tapped into something deep inside me. I live for her now. She’s the one I protect. She’s the one I kill for. Most men don't know what it means to be willing to die for their woman. I'm here to show them.
My name is Hunter, and if anyone ever threatens Kelly, if they even think about it, I will hunt them down, and I will kill them.

This is a full length romance novel with a happy ending and lots of surprise bonus content.

Jen's Review 2.5 Stars 

I hate this :) I did enjoy this series - but for some reason, I found myself rolling my eyes a lot - 
Hunter is a bad boy to the truest sense. He kills without feeling 

Kelly is a sweet girl, she's tough since she had to grow up so early to raise her younger brother - so when someone comes to her rescue, it's kind of a nice feeling - even if he almost beat those two thugs to death.... 

That's where I'm rolling my eyes - Yes I understand they have the connection - they're "IT" for each other - HOT sex all the way - But Hunter kills - and he's being hunted down and plans to kill again, but Kelly doesn't care ....... 

Then there is the ending - it didn't feel finished at all - could have had a few more chapters - I saw the connection between Hunter and the next story - but it didn't say anything about it - so yeah... just going to leave this here..

All and all it was a good story line - just wish it had more - maybe a little remorse or something from Hunter would have made it more believable that Kelly didn't care about his ways??? I don't know - read it and let me know - it hooked me in though - I was happy with the read and I liked how the story pulled me in and kept me curious enough to finish it :) 

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