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Dartmouth Cobras - by Bianca Sommerland

Game Misconduct (The Dartmouth Cobras, #1)Game Misconduct by Bianca Sommerland
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Good story! I loved this - it's the start of a new series, and I'm anxious for the next book
The only pet peeve I had with this one, was since there was a lot of main characters in this book, 5 guys, Max, Sloan, Dominik, T.J. and Tyler , plus throwing in a few extra names, Tim, Reeves, Carter. Silver, etc - well it's one big happy family, that's for sure, but in the beginning, she uses first names, but after a few pages, the players use last names, and I had a hard time keeping track of who was whom... BUT once I got everyone figured out - I had a blast with this story :)

Starts off with Oriana (another name!) So she is the daughter of the owner of the Dartmouth Cobras. And she is dating the coach - Paul.. but she and Max were good friends. It's not explained how they met, or whatever, but they were good friends, and Max wanted more. But max has a certain .... "Kink" about him, and he knew that Oriana wouldn't be into it. She was too good to want to even try. So he vowed he would be good enough as himself with her... but she wouldn't leave Paul..

We learn that Max is a Voyeur - His "Kink" he has trouble getting off without it. But his good friend Sloan was happy to help. He loved to be watched, and he and Max were good friends.
When Oriana caught Sloan doing a 'scene" and Max watching, she flipped out.
So she went back to Paul...

Paul, her boyfriend, was a jerk. He verbaly abused her, and neglected her. Same as her father did. But when she went to dinner with Paul and her father, they were like a family. and she loved that. Her whole life her and her sister Silver had tried to gain the attention of their father.

But when Oriana caught Paul with another woman, and her father tried to cover for him, she freaked out. Her father told her that he needed Paul's contacts to finance the team, without it, there would be no team. So if she broke up with Paul, he would cut her off.. no more collage or anything – so she did what she had to … she left him anyways.

Tim, one of the other coaches was right there when her father told her this. He wasn’t a big fan of Paul’s either, so, he asked her what she would do to get back at her father and Paul at the same time…she said she’d do anything… so he suggested to go see Max.

Tim had talked to Max and told him about the situation (assumed) so when Max saw Oriana, standing at the side of the hockey ring, his feelings for her jumped back to life. Not that they went away at all, even after 4 months of not seeing her at all, but he respected her decision to go back to Paul.

So trying to get daddy’s attention and get rid of Paul at the same time was going to be a fun challenge. Everyone knew Max shared his women, for his “kink” He asked the 5 guys he trusted most in his life to meet them in the bathroom with him and Oriana. The plan was to get the security tapes that shows her coming out with the guys while wearing a jersey instead of the awful dress she had worn to impress Paul and her father.
But inside the bathroom, things went a little too far.. Sloan didn’t want to just pretend they were going to have their way with her and not get anything out of it.. he wanted to show. Oriana was a shy one, but she was willing to put aside her comfort in order to do this, just once.

So she changed in front of everyone. Which only got them all excited. She knew about Max’s kinks, and knew that the only was to get him excited was by giving him a show. When Sloan demanded she sit on the sink, she told him she didn’t have to answer to him. But that’s where she was wrong. See Max and Sloan were in training to be Dom’s, and Dominik was their trainer.

When Dominik stepped in and told her what to do, she didn’t even have a thought to disobey. That’s when they realized she was a natural sub. And they were going to show her the way…

This book has a lot of fun scenes in it. Although Oriana wanted to submit to these guys, they gave her too many choices, and too many Dom’s started to confuse her. So she tested them to see what they really wanted out of her.

This was a HOT book – I really enjoyed Hockey scenes in it  Especially the last game -
A few little twists towards the end gives the story a good plot. Although it doesn’t set up a next book, but you can’t help but think there has to be more ….


Defensive Zone (The Dartmouth Cobras, #2)Defensive Zone by Bianca Sommerland
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I got in trouble reading this book - you know the saying, you never know just how much a mother does until she doesn't do it... well I didn't do it yesterday :D Oops -

Awesome story! I loved this one! Probably ... maybe even a little bit better than the first.. but that's only because it's been awhile since I read the first one.. but I still loved it :D

Silver is Oriana's sister - and since Oriana decided to sleep with almost the whole entire Cobra's Hockey team, their father decided Oriana is no longer in charge. So he brought in Silver.

Silver is the drama queen in the family. Spoiled, selfish and demanding. Not to mention she doesn't have a clue about Hockey. But she's set out to make her daddy proud.

Her current relationship with 2 gay guys isn't going well. Sure Asher will put up with her "girly parts" when it suits him, but she's pretty much neglected every other time.

Going to the "club" for Oriana's wedding to Max , and Collaring, Silver gets into a little trouble with the club owner, AKA The Cobra's General Manager / the guy she's going to be working with - YIKES!

But things don't go as Silver planned. She's a sub, but she's not 100% sure she knows how to be a sub. So after her spanking from Dean, she refused to go to him for the after care. Landon, the teams newest Goalie stepped in.

Landon is the biggest sweetheart - he wants to be Silver's friend. Knowing that he feels more for her but refuses to let it become knowledgeable. He wants to keep their friendship real..

After Silver starts to feel better with Landon holding her, her self-esteem is shot and she needs to find Dean again...

Trying to stick to the 9-5 hours at work being professional, and after hours are strict Dom/sub - Silver can't decide if it's the right lifestyle for her or not. But Dean doesn't really give her the chance to choose. He can read her really well and sense what she needs before she knows.

When Silver screws up at the club again, this time Landon is forced to show her his true Dom self , and when he can't face her for the after care, he didn't realize it would cost him their friendship, as well.

Things go well between Dean and Sliver for a while, but Dean can sense she's not happy. So it's time to talk to Landon...

I love the Hockey in this book - the games are great detailed and I really enjoy reading about it.

REALLY looking forward to the next book - I am off to buy it, not sure who it's about yet though..

I'm hoping maybe someone can calm Carter down... maybe even throw in a little Sebastian... or will it be Ford who wants to turn his life around??

Starting it TONIGHT :D

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