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Where I Need to Be by Kimberly Knight

Where I Need to Be (B&S Series #1)

Spencer Marshall was done moping. After catching her boyfriend cheating with his secretary, she decides to have a girl's weekend in Vegas with her best friend Ryan. Lady Luck must be looking out for Spencer, because that weekend will change her life forever. Despite what people say, not everything stays in Vegas.

Excerpt found on Kimberly Knight's Blog 

The next week flew by. At the gym, I saw my hottie a few times, but he just smiled at me like he did every time he saw me. Maybe he was just being polite? I had given up any hope that he would ask me out and I was too chicken to say anything to him. Call me old fashioned, but the guy should make the first move. I’d given him plenty of flirtatious smiles to let him know I was interested.

On Friday after work, Ryan and I headed to the airport. “I can’t wait—long  drunken nights followed by tanning by the pool during the day. This is going to be a blast.” I said to Ryan.

“I know. What do you want to do first?”

“I don’t know… let’s see what clubs we can get into tonight with those free passes they give out on the Strip.”

Ryan and I were no Vegas virgins. With it being only an hour and a half flight from SFO, we usually went to Vegas at least once or twice a year or maybe more.

Just as Ryan and I approached our gate, I noticed him. My left arm and hand had a mind of their own as they launched out and grabbed Ryan’s right arm. “Ow! What the hell, Spence?”

“Holy shit! The guy from the gym is sitting over there.”

“Shut up!  Oh my God, are you serious?  Where? Which one?” Her head swung around to look for him.

“Dude, don’t make it so obvious.” I pinched her arm to make her stop looking. “Look casually…by the window between the guy and girl,” I said, while nudging my head in their direction. Of course, at that moment he decided to look up and caught me staring at him again. Without skipping a beat, he flashed me that heart-stopping smile. I felt like my legs were going to give out on me at any moment.

“Damn!” she said, dragging out the word, “He is hot, Spence. And I think he’s going to Vegas, too.”

“Seriously?” My pulse jumped as I thought of the possibility of us being seated next to each other on the plane.

“Well, it does look like he is waiting at our gate.”

I was starting to feel a little giddy, but then I saw him smile and dip his head to listen to something the girl next to him was saying. Please tell me that is not his girlfriend. My heart began to sink.

I didn’t know if being on the same flight was fate or pure coincidence, but it didn’t matter if he was already taken. Regardless, I couldn’t sit at the gate with him and kill myself wondering for the next hour. Sighing, I tugged on Ryan’s arm. “Let’s go grab a drink at the bar.”

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Juls Review

Okay first off I have to say I was kinda put off with the fact that the main chick had a dudes name and on top of that her bff also had a dudes names. What are the odds? Maybe that's why they became bff's?
Anyhoo that didnt stop me from enjoying this book. In fact I loved it! 

The mysterious guy Spencer meets at the gym seems to keep popping up everywhere she goes. Especially in her dreams. She cant stop thinking about him. 
Spencer just recently found her loser of an ex banging his secretary and was on her way to an ice cream coma. So the last thing she ever imagined after the hellish few weeks she had was to have butterflies flopping around in her stomach. She hadn’t felt this giddiness, not even around her ex. 

Spencer’s bff Ryan has a big blow out with her boyfriend and that night comes home without a man. They both decide Vegas is the place to be. 
To Spencer’s surprise and delight “he” is at the airport and happens to be going to the same destination. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? Well not in her case. While at a club Spencer and her mystery man share a dance that steams up windows and mirrors around them and by the end of the song Spencer has turned into putty at his feet. Before she can get her bearings he’s gone. The next night to no avail she strikes out when she’s in search of “him”. But luck was on her side. When she gets back to their hotel she takes her last few dollars and wins big. Ryan talks her into taking that money and doubling it so Spencer can get that bag she really wanted. And guess who is sitting there looking all handsome and gorgeous? Yep, the man from her dreams. 
Its just her and the mystery man playing cards and even though she’s lost her all her winnings she did get one thing outta it, his name. 

Back home Spencer and Brandon no longer pretend to be strangers. They work out together and Brandon finally asks her out. Their relationship starts off slow and it was really refreshing to see that in a book. Now a days they jump into bed and then the “I love you” follows shortly after. Not with this book. It was slow in the making. Brandon was a true gentleman and took his time to learn Spencer’s body. Even before they were naked he had her squirming and panting for him. 

Lots of drama ensue when Brandon’s ex comes into the picture and it’s a doozy! Can they make it through this huge hurdle or will it be short lived? 

I cant wait to find out how everyone’s doing in the next book. Wanted cant come out fast enough.

Jen's Review 

Well that was fun!

Cute story! I enjoyed that one a lot :) I have to admit Ryan and Spencer's names kind of got on my nerves a little. The boy names for girls are cute, but even I had to agree with Brandon's mother when she asked over the phone if Spencer was a girl :)

The story starts off with Spencer mending her broken heart. After 2 years, TravASS was caught cheating on her with his secretary. And she didn't take it well.

But her BFF Ryan was there to shake things up and make sure she gets started on her new life.

A new Gym was opening up and she needed to go for work. She was in charge of getting the information for an upcoming article.

At the gym, still mending her broken heart as she runs on the treadmill. Not really feeling her heart in it, she starts her cool down early and thinks about giving up. That is until she sees the HOTTIE on the machine next to her. She decides to take it another 20 mins :)

The next coupe of days she doesn't see him again, but when she enters the free Kickboxing class, she spots him in the second row. They smile and flirt with their eyes, but they still don't talk.

That night , Ryan's heart gets broken. Max is a good guy, and they're perfect together, but he doesn't want the same things Ryan wants.

So Spencer decides to make it a girls trip to Vegas -

So at the airport, they're anxiously waiting, and that's when Spencer sees him.. the Hottie from the Gym! NO FREAKIN' WAY!

And he's going to Vegas, too. What are the chances?

In Vegas, the girls head out to a club after checking into their hotel. Spencer was half expecting her Hottie to show up, but he wasn't there.. That is until he was behind her ....

after her Hottie disappears again - they head back to the hotel.

Back home, Spencer starts to see Brandon more and more as they work out together after work.
Things start to heat up when they start going out after work. Then a little more on the weekend.. Wow - things REALLY start to heat up quickly with these two :)

Just when things are going great, they're both happy and couldn't think of anything else - Brandon's ex jumps into the picture ....

Cute story! I enjoyed this one a lot - I'm actually looking forward to the next book that will be coming out sometime this year :)

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