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All In (The Blackstone Affair #2) by Raine Miller

All In (The Blackstone Affair, #2)All In by Raine Miller
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Ethan Blackstone has problems. He's broken the trust of the woman he loves and she's left him because of it. Ethan isn't giving up though--he's determined to get his girl back. Their passion together was explosive, but their secrets are even darker and more frightening. With political threats directed at Brynne, Ethan has no choice but to fight for her, to win her love, and to protect her from the very dangers that could take her away from him forever. He’s willing to risk everything to have Brynne and to keep her safe. He’ll go all in…

Juls Review
He thought he’d lost her for good. Ethan Blackstone is not a one woman show. Never has been and never will be. Brynne walks into his life and all those nevers went out the window.

All In takes us right into the horrid cliffhanger from Naked and bares the troubles that lead us there. Revelations of the whys and whats has Brynne so worked up that she doesn’t know what to do about the thing between she and Ethan. She wants to be with him but feels betrayed by what he’s done. And all Ethan wants to do is get Brynne back and have her in his arms, safe and sound.

Secrets from their pasts still haunt them but Brynne’s may have dire consequences. Someone is after her and wants to clean up the mess caused by a tape with her as the main attraction. It takes everything in Ethan to find this bastard and stop his attempts but it seems he is always one step ahead.

I thought the second installment would have more regarding Brynne and her stalker. In fact there were plenty of times she could have gotten snatched up, which I thought would happen but this one focused more on solidifying the relationship they have. Maybe they needed this for the battle to come?

The sex is steamy in every which way and the chemistry is undeniable. There is something powerful between them and I think it will take more than just simple misunderstandings to tear them apart. I cant wait to find out what Ethan will do to protect what is his.

And really? Simba??? Weird to have a fish’s POV but the last bit he shares about the unknown person in Ethan’s place, very intriguing!!!

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