Saturday, November 10, 2012

GPS with Benefits by Vanessa Morgan

GPS with BenefitsGPS with Benefits by Vanessa Morgan

In GPS WITH BENEFTIS, a womanizer purchases a new GPS device, not knowing it's one with a mind of 'her' own.
A Screenplay.

Jen's Review

This was different -

The book was written in a screenplay. It felt more like a commercial than a story or program. It was very short.

When Theo goes into a story to buy a new GPS system, he didn't know what he was in store for.

The salesperson talked him into giving it a try to see if he liked it.

Once Theo was on the road, the sexy woman's voice gave him directions.
But when Theo's mind started to wonder, the sexy woman's voice told him to pay attention.

Theo got so much more than he bargained for.

Cute story - really short, but fun :)

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