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The Bearded Lady by Sarah-Jane Lehoux

The Bearded LadyThe Bearded Lady by Sarah-Jane Lehoux
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Julia Jones is everything she wants to be: sexy, stylish, and sophisticated. But the perfect life she’s made for herself has one serious downfall. The only romance she gets comes from the gay men for whom she acts as a beard. Hurt too many times, Julia has all but given up on love.

But love hasn’t given up on her.

On what should have been a straightforward trip to Martha’s Vineyard, Julia meets the flirtatious and drop dead gorgeous Ian Ashworth and his sensitively sensual boyfriend, James. Instantly attracted to both men, Julia struggles to stay professional, but Ian and James have other ideas. A series of misadventures and steamy sex spin Julia’s carefully constructed world on its head. Is there room in her broken heart for not one, but two passionate and adoring men? Will she give this unconventional romance a chance? Or is she doomed to the lonely life of a beard forever?

Juls Review
Okay, wow!! I'm so happy I saw the post to review this book. It's really short but it has quite a kick to it.

I can say I've never read a book with the concept of a woman being the stand in for a gay man's play girlfriend. It was actually pretty fun watching this played out.

Julia has been burned too many times by men so she's crossed them off her to do list. She doesn't think she's that lucky enough to find Mr. Right so she does the next best thing, help out others.

It's not your normal person she's working with. She's trying to cover up the facade of the man she is with so his family wont find out he is gay. Her new client Ian is more than she ever imagined. Her instant attraction to him has her mind reeling. His intense stares unnerve her and she questions his motives.
James, Ian's boyfriend is just as beautiful and for the second time that day Julia is wet for men she could never have.

Julia witnesses a moment shared by Ian and James and when they take their release, so does she ;)
After the unknown shared moment she makes a resolve not to mix business with pleasure.

But these two men have plans, plans that include her and she doesn't know how or what she should feel about this situation. They are mesh well together. There's no jealousy or bitterness, only hot passion and pleasure and comfortable union that's never been there for her with anyone else.

Should she throw in the towel or take a chance at love with not just a man but two men who could make her happy? It's a hard decision but I really think she made the right choice.

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