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Slave by Sherri Hayes

Slave (Finding Anna #1)Slave by Sherri Hayes
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Wow - just... wow -
I have to think about this review -

Stephan has lived the lifestyle of a Dominant for five years. After several rebellious teenage years, it gave him the stability and control he had been seeking after his parent’s death.

As president of a not-for-profit foundation, he knows what his future holds and what he wants out of life. All that changes when a simple lunch with his college friend and Mentor, Darren, leads him to buying a slave.

Thrust into a situation he never thought he’d be in, Stephan can’t walk away. He is compelled to help this girl in the only way he knows how.

Brianna knows only one thing, she is a slave. She has nothing. She is nothing.

Can Stephan help Brianna realize that she is much more than just a Slave?

Jen's Review 
I've read books about Dom/sub - new subs that have no idea what to do. I've read books that mention Slaves - a 24/7 Dom/sub relationship...

but this book goes way beyond that.

Breanna was in a situation that she couldn't get out of. She had been abused in so many different ways, sexually, physically and emotionally. She was utterly broken.

When Stephan got a call from an old friend telling him he ran into a Slave that doesn't want to be where she is, Stephan's big heart melted. Opening up his wallet, he went to buy this Slave, to try to give her the freedom that she deserved. Only when his eyes fell on this fragile broken girl, his heart skipped

He wanted her to be his sub, but he wanted her to make the choice.

Spending time with her, reassuring her, gaining her trust. It wasn't easy. It wasn't fun, and this poor girl didn't know what to think of anything. Making her own decisions was taken away from her, displeasing her Master was something that terrified her. Her needs were simple, but her opinion was Gold.

Loved this book - the ending kind of stopped fast, but thanks to Netgalley I can jump right back into it :)

Juls Review 

At first i was really turned off by the fact that the lead female was 18. i like my couple to be age appropriate 25-40 ish range. but the more i read the more i enjoyed it. It was so much more than about sex, which there isnt any but more about healing and love and acceptance. 

very pleasantly surprised for sure. 
the ending was very abrupt and finding out that theres a book 2 made me understand the ending or lack there of a bit better.

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