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Fated by S.H. Kolee

FatedFated by S.H. Kolee
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Do you need to love someone to be happy? Does happiness mean a fairy tale ending?

Caden Riley challenged me from the first moment I met him. It was more than his good looks or his fame as a photographer that drew me to him. He offered me things that I never knew I wanted, and didn’t demand more than I was willing to give.

Was I happy? I’m not sure. Happiness is an emotion I’m unfamiliar with. But I finally knew what it felt like to experience real passion. To let go of all my inhibitions and surrender to my desires. It was enough for me, because it was more than I ever expected.

Until Caden tempted me with possibilities. The possibility of a future; the possibility of a life I never imagined; the possibility of heartbreak and never hearing the words "I love you."

Love is a funny thing. It can make you feel like the world is yours to conquer. It can also bring you to your knees. I’m not sure which is my fate.

Juls Review
I'm telling you what, RL might have sucked donkey nutz this year but my choices in books have been superb!!!

The story of Caden and Lauren had me on the edge of my seat. Things may have started accidentally with Lauren taking over as Caden's assistant but nothing after that is accidental. Its pure lust and sensually satisfying. The sexual tension between them is so thick it could be cut with a knife.

They both go into a friends with benefit type relationship but what starts as something purely sexual turns into a gut wrenching, soul searching, sexually charged romance that neither one of them had a chance at backing away from.

Both Caden and Lauren have had traumatic pasts. They both lost their parents at a young age and one witnessed the deaths and the other was tossed from one foster home to another only to be taken advantage of but in the end they find peace within each others arms.

I was not disappointed one bit. From the first word to the last I was captivated by the relationship between them.

This is going down as yet another fav of 2012!!

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Jen said...

So sorry to hear RL might have sucked donkey nutz this year :)
This looks like a good book! I'll be checking this one out next year :D Great review!