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Wacky Wednesday by J.A. Rock

\Wacky Wednesday
Things have been rocky lately for brat Jayk and his dominant partner Amon. Jayk, a college dropout, recently returned to school, while Amon, the HR director at a major financial firm, faces pressure at work. Their D/s partnership suffers as Jayk deals with his stress by acting out, and Amon deals with his by cracking down.

When Jayk and Amon wake one morning to find they’ve switched bodies, each is determined to prove he can handle his partner’s life for a day. But as the chaos builds, their swap proves more confusing, enlightening--and sexier--than they’d anticipated.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, and material that some readers may find objectionable: BDSM theme and elements (bondage, flogging, spanking), male/male sexual practices.

Juls Review

How would you reacted if you woke up as your lover and vice versa? Would you freak or take it in stride?

Amon and Jayk woke up as each other. This can't be good, right?
Amon is the sturdy, put together, mature one and Jayk is the free spirit who is just trying to find his place in the world.

These two were slowly falling apart. One trying to change the other to be what he thinks the other wants to be but is tearing the other down. Amon only wants the best for Jayk but Jayk doesn't see it that way.

One morning they live the life of one another and amazingly enough find out that what they wanted is and was all for love. This lesson of their bodies switching roles was for them to see each other in another light. They may not think what one is doing is right but they now understand why they do certain things. And in the end they compromise and give in and bend a lil for one another.

I really enjoyed this book. Jayk was so funnyand I loved his carefree attitude and to see Amon give in and loosen up a lil was beyond sweet.
Totally recommend this!!

Jen's Review 

Awe! What an ending :)
Truly loved this book!

Jayk (Love the spelling of his name!) woke up feeling a little... bigger than normal - At first he didn't know what was going on, but once he figured out he was looking at his own body laying next to him, he couldn't help the smile. Being Amon for a day was going to be GREAT!

Trying to wake up Amon without success, Jayk went to work - Amon's work. Because that's where his body and face was expected.

When Amon woke up and noticed his body was different he had trouble trying to figure out what was happening. Though he heard Jayk talking to him, until he figured out what was going on, he wasn't going to say or do anything.

Instead of figuring things out, he fell back to sleep. Waking up again and realizing that he was going to have to be Jayk today, which mean that Jayk was going to be HIM! Ah hell no!

Jayk was a fun loving guy who liked people. He liked to feel appreciated and cherished and he loved Amon. Taking Amon's place at work, Jayk knew he had to be professional, but not really knowing what Amon did at his job, he decided to add his own flavor to things. The the Sexual Harassment Seminar!?? Lol

Amon knew Jayk was struggling with his classes, so after rushing through the test that he failed for him, calling his boss at the library and hoping he didn't get Jayk fired, and blowing off Jayk's friend who needed to talk, Amon's only concern was to get Jayk to leave his office without screwing anything up.

When Amon got to the office and see's his body with a group of co-workers watching you tube videos instead of working, Amon knew he was in trouble.

But after the group left them alone, Jayk had told Amon he was being ridiculous. For whatever reason their bodies were switched, they needed to trade places for a reason, so get to it!

Having Jayk suddenly gain the confidence of a Dom was actually a turn on.
Even though they were in each other's bodies, Amon could see see Jayk in there. And that was HOT!

Awesome book - these guys learned more about the importance of their Dom/sub relationship and how to show how much the other means to them.

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