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Lazy Days Series by K-lee Klein

Lazy Sundays
Lazy Sundays by K-lee Klein

Scott is a self-proclaimed, self-accepted, obsessive-compulsive geek—and he’s okay with that. At least until a one night stand with a gorgeous man who couldn’t be any further from geekness if he tried, somehow turns into a regular thing.

Devon is rugged, masculine, long-haired and tattooed—a man's man. Scott falls hard and fast for him, and to his complete surprise, Devon seems to have feelings for Scott as well. It all seemed so simple.

But then there's the part where Devon never wants to go out, and their regular thing is confined to those days when Devon shows up in Scott's doorway. Scott desperately wants more, but is afraid that pushing will cost him what he already has …

This was written for Adriana as part of the M/M Romance Group's 'Love is Always Write' event.

Available as a free read at:  Goodreads  Allromance

Excerpt: Lazy Sundays
from : Less Than Three Press

Watching someone sleep had to rate very high on the stalker scale. It didn’t matter if the bedroom belonged to the person doing the watching or that said person was not sneaking around or hiding while they were doing the deed. No, none of that was the issue at all for Scott Weston. It was more the fact he did it every single time Devon stayed over. Since that number was up in the high twenty-something range, stalking had to be involved.

It wasn’t like he purposely woke up early to stare at the beautiful, tattooed man who had by some serious stroke of luck become his lover. He hadn’t set out to see how cute it was when Devon’s bottom lip puffed out just the tiniest bit when he snored or how he muttered and giggled—actually giggled—when he was dreaming. And Scott certainly hadn’t wanted to giggle like a teenage girl himself when he saw how Devon reached out for him when he left the warmth of the bed, then snuggled Scott’s pillow when he couldn’t find the real thing.

No. Scott watched Devon because he couldn’t for the life of him figure out why Devon kept coming back. Scott prided himself on having a rational, logistically-configured brain and there was nothing about Devon reappearing time and again that fit into any of his logically set-up hypotheses. The data that brought about the unexplainable outcome was overwhelming, but just did not compute in Scott’s mind. Sure the sex was great and in that way they were very compatible, but in all other ways they didn’t seem to have anything in common.

Devon Ducaine was hot. Hell, even his name was hot and when he said it with that slight hint of a Southern accent it made Scott weak in the knees. And there, that right there—weak in the knees—was another clear example of how preposterous it was for Scott and Devon to even have a conversation let alone a relationship or whatever it was they were having. Scott was the kind of guy who actually used that phrase like some old-fashioned granny in a rocking chair. Devon, on the other hand, was more likely to say “you rock my fucking world, dude.”

Devon was what Scott would describe as a man’s man, every holey jeans, tight t-shirts, nipples and ears pierced, motorcycle boots-wearing bit of him. He always had a hint of eau de motor oil mixed in with all the other delicious scents that poured off him, more than likely because he drove a motorcycle or was it rode one? Scott could never remember the correct term. He barely knew a motorcycle from a scooter, just another one of those illogical incompatibilities in their relationship.

When Devon had practically begged him to watch a football game on a couple of Sundays because his beloved Saints were facing an awesome match-up, it had added another thing they did not have in common to Scott’s growing list. In the end Scott hadn’t minded at all, content to rest his head on Devon’s lap and read. He’d loved seeing another side to Devon’s personality that matched the enthusiasm he usually saved for the bedroom, plus when Devon’s Saints did win he was always horny as hell.

But back to Devon’s hotness. Almost six feet—if Scott had to guess he’d say five foot, ten and three-quarter inches—of muscled, ropey not bulky, toned manly man. Add a bubble butt that could stop a truck, the sweetest crooked smile this side of the Mississippi, brown doe eyes batting long, dark lashes any woman would be jealous of, thick dark-brown waves of hair that touched his collar in the back, and a permanent five o’clock shadow, and you had the stunning man that was Devon Ducaine. The intriguing artwork that decorated his arms and part of his back was just icing on the proverbial perfect cake.

Then there was Scott. He was three inches—possibly three and three-quarters—shorter than Devon, but there wasn’t a muscle to be had unless you counted the big, engorged one between his ears. He wasn’t a hundred pound weakling and wouldn’t take first or even second place in an ugly contest by any means, but he had none of the physical attributes that made Devon a walking bundle of sex. His blonde hair was the unattractive color of dishwasher, his blue eyes were closer to the color of a cloudy ocean than a glimmering sea, and his nose was definitely more Romanesque than Devon’s turned-up button.

Devon was so far out of his league he was in the wrong ballpark and that bugged the living crap out of Scott.

“You think too much, especially so early on a Sunday morning.” Devon’s soft eyes were still hazy from sleep, one side of his face sported a wrinkly line from the pillow, and his hair was more a mess than his usual casually-messed ‘do. He still made Scott weak in the knees.

“I was just wondering if you wanted, you know, breakfast.” Phew, good answer, Scott. Not.

Devon reached an arm from beneath the covers, snagging Scott’s hand and tugging him oh-so-not-gracefully onto the bed. He landed with an oof on top of Devon.

“Good morning,” Devon purred. Oh fuck yeah, Scott was sure he actually purred. “Happy Sunday.”

Before he could answer, Scott’s lips were taken in a sweet kiss, Devon’s hand sliding into his hair and holding him close. He pulled away with a groan.

“Ug, morning breath, sorry.”

Devon didn’t release his hold. “Don’t you know if we both have it, it cancels out? Besides, you taste damn good to me.”

Ah, Devon was relentless in his charm and a weak-kneed Scott fell back into bed with his Adonis without a single question in his over-thinking mind.


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 Juls Review
Lazy Sundays

Opposites do attract! Scott and Devon are far from your typical couple. Ones a well known rock star and the other is a nerdy accountant. But the attraction between the two is undeniable. From the moment they first met to the last page of the book, their spark could ignite chaos.

Scott meets Devon at a Jazz bar and from there it moves to an every weekend thing. Devon is at Scott’s door every Saturday and Sunday’s they spend lazying around and now the best part of the week for the two is Sundays. Awww right???

Scott may think he’s just a nerdy accountant but normalcy is his major appeal. Devon is a bit hardcore but when he’s with Scott all is right in his world.

A little angst thrown in for good measure and lots and lots of sweetness and that my friends, makes for a great read.

Jen's Review 
Lazy Sundays

Awe - Cute story! I love stories that are meaningful and get you thinking :)

Life isn't about your looks, or how others see you on the outside. it's the inside that counts.

When looking at Scott, you see a typical Accountant - geeky guy, great with numbers, OCD, and low self esteem.
But you don't see the sweetness that's inside. How caring he is and how wonderful he is. And HOT! Geeky is HOT :)

Then there is Devon - Typical Rock star type. Thick build, Tight clothes, tattoos, piercings - the first thing you think of is Sex God! Player, druggie - right?? Wrong - Devon doesn't have a player's bone in his body. He's out to love, and love hard.

Sure Devon wasn't looking to "get his rocks off" when he first saw Scott, but he was attracted to him.
Why? Scott hadn't had a clue, but Devon saw something in Scott that Scott couldn't see in himself.

The book was about how Opposites attract, because we see a Geek and a Rock star together. But I think I got a little deeper meaning to it.. Don't judge a book by it's cover.

Both of these guys were sweethearts, and I really enjoyed reading their story :D

_________________________________________________________________________________ Lazy Valentines
Lazy Valentines by K-lee Klein

It's Valentine's Day and Devon Ducaine has never felt so much excitement and nervousness in his entire life. Taking the stage to sing to hundreds or thousands of people has nothing on trying to right the wrongs of your past with the man you love and almost lost. 

Scott Weston never imagined he'd have anyone like Devon in his life, let alone ever having someone he loved say those three little words back to him. When Devon invites him out for a whole day of Valentine surprises, it's the most romantic thing Scott's ever had happen to him. But surprises and new experiences can cause panic, and Scott's anxiety and panic attacks are always an issue when he's faced with the unknown. 

Devon and Scott love each other, but is it enough to get through what's supposed to be the most romantic day of the year? Will they let nerves and guilt over-ride their hearts or can Valentine's Day be the start of the next phase in their relationship, one of honesty, sharing and trust? 

~~Lazy Valentines is a free story and sequel to Lazy Sundays. It can possibly be read as a stand-alone but works much better if read after Lazy Sundays. Both stories will be included in an extended novel-sized book to be released later in the year by Less Than Three Press.~~

Available as a free reads at:     Less Than Three Press

Excerpt: Lazy Valentines
from : Less Than Three Press
Devon Ducaine knocked cheerfully on the door of Scott’s condo, excitement making his usually calm body twitch with anticipation. He’d hoped Scott would answer right away, just come flying to the door because he missed Devon so much and couldn’t wait to get his hands on him. When that didn’t happen, Devon fought the urge to knock again. He didn’t want to seem too desperate or needy and it was ass o’clock in the morning so he forced himself to be patient, humming an old tune quietly to pass what seemed like hours of standing on the stoop.

But as minute after minute passed with no response he felt his confidence ebbing away. He stood on the step a while longer, shuffling his feet and wondering just when the hell he’d become the nervous one in his and Scott’s relationship. He suspected it had something to do with the mutual I love you’s they’d confessed during their reconciliation, barely a week ago. There was just something different—something awesome but also scary—about loving someone and knowing they loved you back. And having the words spoken brought everything to an all new level.

Devon had never told anyone he loved them before, except his bandmates and family, of course, but saying it to Scott had seemed natural. Scott had even questioned how he could say it so easily. To be fair, Devon had just been punched in the face by his best friend and probably had a concussion, so the words might have rolled off his tongue a little more freely than they normally would. But concussed or not, he’d been feeling them in his heart for a quite a while before.

Being in love felt good. Devon though it was like the end of a really awesome gig that had the audience screaming and stomping for a first, second and third encore, except one hundred times better. He’d had a hard time keeping his business-face and composure on his recent trip when an overwhelming urge to smile seeped into his heart every time he thought about Scott. Which had been just about all the time.

They’d texted a few times a day plus talked every night about whatever popped into their heads. There might have been a little phone sex, too, but it was mild compared to what Devon really wanted to do to and with Scott, once they were in the same freaking state. Though just holding him when he slept was pretty far up on the list, as well.

Scott had also sent a ranting email about his mother that Devon had tried his hardest to dissect, but the words had been little more than frustrated, rambling sentences on the page. The email had worried Devon a bit. He’d tried to bring it up with Scott but had been met with a dozen assurances that is was “nothing important” and a brick wall of apologies for sending the email in the first place. Devon’s mama hadn’t raised any fools though, and he knew Scott well enough to realize whatever he was trying shrug off had to be damn important. Not something Devon should just let go.

No worries, Devon would wait Scott out. He was good at waiting. He’d dropped the subject, filed it away for later and kept up the low-key texting with Scott even though every conversation just made his all-consuming need to see Scott—touch, hold, just be with him—more intense. This love stuff was tough.


Jens Reviews - 
Lazy Valentine's 

Awe. totally love these two!
And the author left it open for yet another story.  At the beach house :) That should be a good one. 

I actually read that Lazy Sundays and Lazy Valentines is just a little sneak peek of a full length novella that will be coming out soon.... that would be so cool! 

This story picks up a couple weeks after the last one left off. Devon had to go on the road for a bit with the band, but they kept close contact.

When Valentine's Day arrives, Devon is determined to make it the best for Scott.
Little did Devon know, Scott had never celebrated Valentine's day before. so they were in for a special treat.

Totally love this couple. Can't wait to read more about them :)

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