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Thrown by a Curve by Jaci Burton

Thrown by a Curve (Play by Play, #5)

Thrown by a Curve by Jaci Burton

Sports medicine specialist Alicia Riley has the job of her dreams, until she's assigned to star pitcher Garrett Scott. Undergoing shoulder rehab, it's make it or break it time for Garrett, and he needs to focus to get back on the mound in time for opening day. But close proximity and combustible chemistry is a dangerous combination, and both Alicia and Garrett have a lot to lose if this doesn't work.

Juls Review

The best thing about Jaci Burton's books are the hot sweaty and buff yet svelte men. And this one doesnt disappoint. What woman can resist a man who is large and in charge. 

Garrett is the best pitcher around but this ego got he best of him and knowing he was injured he didnt pull out of a game. It cost him dearly. The baseball season is just around the corner and all his efforts to get back on the mound is slowly becoming nonexistent. He's been the it guy and no one wants to call him out on his bullshit attitude except for Alicia, one of the therapist on staff. 

Garrett got a taste of her sassiness and no nonsense attitude and he was totally on board for her to get him back on track. What he didnt expect was the feelings and emotions she brings out in him. His past doesnt allow him to believe in love but this woman has worked miracles on him both physically and emotionally.

Alicia is direct and to the point. There are no excuses in her book. And she's good at what she does. She's known all her life what she wanted to do and she wants to perfect it even more. She wants to prove her worth and now getting Garrett back on the mound is of up most importance. What she didnt realize is that all work can make for dull Alicia. Garrett shows her its not just all about work but that you can enjoy every aspect of life.

Alicia and Garrett have quite the chemistry. Their sexual tension even made my stomach flutter. And when they finally come together, you sigh right along with them. 

Some details were missing and things felt a bit rushed but for the most part very enjoyable read. 

Jen's Review 

I hate to do this to my favorite series!!! but I only gave it 3 stars -

I love this whole series, Jaci Burton is my favorite Sports author - and she did a GREAT job with this book - I totally loved all the baseball talk, the whole physical therapy thing -

But Gavin and Alicia were just Lacking somehow.
Being a Riley, I would think Alicia would have been a bit more.... out there. Considering Jenna's story, and Alicia's brother Cole.
But even though Alicia is a strong girl, she doesn't take Garrett's crap.

And then that leads me to Garrett - he's not the big player that they said he was.. not even a little bit. Sure right now his main focus is getting his shoulder back to normal, but what i don't get, is how the professional trainers would pacify him to the point that he wasn't working his arm the right way??

That's how it starts off. Garrett isn't healing fast enough. He's starting to think his shoulder isn't going to heal fast enough and he's not going to be able to pitch this season.
When he asks Alicia her opinion, she really gives it to him. Letting him know that he's full of crap and doesn't do what he's supposed to do.

So Garrett does what is expected. He'll take the girl who swears she can get his arm in shape. Because she wont take his crap.

We don't get to read much of his crying, or whining about the pain, or being difficult, because in this story, Garrett is pretty good at following directions that Alicia gives him. Even though she says he's being difficult....

Anyways - Alicia takes him on a few different ways of getting his mind off his shoulders. Instead of consistant intense weight lifting, she takes him up a rock wall. She has a few different ideas on how to stretch his arms and start breaking down the scar tissue, and get his shoulder back into shape.

Finally he's ready to start working out with the team. Not pitching, but working out. And this brings them both to Florida, staying in the same beach house.... well, you can see where this is going :) And it goes there.. and it's HOT! Jaci really knows how to make a relationship work :) I love it.

This book would have been better if Garrett was a little more .... manly - I understand he was hurt and all that, but still ....

Looking forward to One Sweet Ride in June -
I don't think I've read any Car racing books yet - but I do love a good street Race :)
And Gary seemed so sweet at the restaurant. I can't wait to get to know him better :)

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