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Messed up by Molly Owens

Messed upMessed up by Molly Owens
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What starts as a vicious prank one dark summer night leads sixteen year-old Chelsea Mallory plummeting into a MESSED UP world of obsession, a clandestine fraternity, a lost fortune, murder and ultimately a scramble to save her own life.

His eyes are blue like midnight. That is the first thing Chelsea notices about smooth talking, insanely hot Levi Bennett. Then, there is the way her stomach is hijacked by a pack of butterflies doing a full-on hip hop dance every time she sees him. How can anyone, even a sensible girl like Chelsea, be expected to think straight under those circumstances? Chelsea’s infatuation leads her to play the bait in a cruel practical joke on her friend Toby; a prank that leaves Chelsea’s hands bloody and Toby missing. Amid the mysterious disappearance, Chelsea realizes that she has gotten in over her head with Levi; a guy who knows exactly how to keep Chelsea where he wants her. Struggling to navigate her way out of a seemingly hopeless situation, Chelsea discovers that the real threat to her safety is not Levi after all, but an evil man and his army of boy soldiers who will stop at nothing to find a coveted treasure. Chelsea must learn that although she may be young, and she may be small, when she uses her brain she can kick some serious ass.

Juls Review
The best way I can describe this book is by mentioning the movies The Skull and a lil bit of National Treasures. You add those together and it shows a bit of the effedupness that erupts within the pages of this book.

Chelsea just lost her bff to a new country. Hannah’s dad has been transferred to Scotland of all places and the next 2 years of Chelsea’s high school career is down her one and only friend. What to do? Well for starters theres a boy who seems to be completely in love with her, why not kill a bit of time with him, not romantically but to move her summer along faster.

What starts out as something oh so innocent turns into kidnapping, murder, abuse and torture. Along the clusterfuck of a ride Chelsea thought was only blissful happiness has her running for her life. No one is who they seem and she cant trust anyone not even herself. Her obsession makes her turn a blind eye as people around her get hurt. She’s in too deep but she needs to pull the reins in before everything falls apart.

I’ve read a lot of reviews about needing a sequel but I think this young girl thought she could play these evil people but what she doesn’t get is that they are always one step ahead of her. She may have saved herself but its open season on her friends and family.

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