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Assets (Balance Sheet, #1)Assets by Shannon Dermott

Assets (Balance Sheet, #1)Assets by Shannon Dermott
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Warning ~ This book contains adult language and sexual situations. Not suitable for anyone under eighteen.

Bailey Glicks, an accountant, is all too aware of her asset value. She’s pretty but not beautiful, smart but not a genius, and certainly she thinks she is more than enough for her fiancĂ©. All that changes when she catches his cheating ass in a lie.

Needing to get away and start anew, she heads to New York to stay with her best friend and former college roommate, Lizzy who has more than enough space to accommodate her. What she didn’t bank on are two things.

First, Kalen Brinner, a man whose implied wealth and attractiveness on paper, shouldn’t be interested in her. But their combined sexual attraction sparks off like fireworks. Will it be enough to sustain a relationship, especially when circumstance makes one of them appear less than trustworthy? Can they survive the heat or will they combust in the flame of their own passion?

Second, when the assets in audit she’s working feel like they’ve been tainted with fraud; her supervisor isn’t buying her theory.

And if she’s wrong about either, both could make her lose big. One her heart. The other her job.

Please note: THIS IS NOT INTENDED AS A STAND ALONE NOVEL. This is a serialized miniseries.

Juls Review
Ms Dermott,
BRAVO!!!! This one is truly a winner. It had me squirming in my seat!

One questions, how do I find me a Scottish Billionaire? ;)

WOWZA!!! This one had me all sorts of bothered and in a good way. But this book had more than just amazing sex.

Bailey is just your average girl. Was hurt by a man she trusted and now she is trying to pick up the pieces and move forward with her life. She is currently living with BFF Lizzy and working an audit for a big company. Its not an ideal job but it'll last her for a few months. Or so she thought. Money is disappearing from multiple accounts that Bailey is auditing and now she's being threatened.

Kalen oh my sweet Kalen. Where have you been all my life??? sighhhhhh
He meets Bailey at a new years party and before you know it they are all hot and heavy and counting down into the new year with a mind blowing explosion!!!!

The chemistry between them is undeniable and they fit together perfectly. They still have a lot to work out and I really hope as the series moves forward they will find some sort of peace. They are too right not to be together.

Even though this was a bit predictable I still loved it. I kinda figured right away who Kalen was. But the end, crap! I need more! I cant wait until I can go back into the world of Kalen and Bailey.

Highly recommend!!!

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