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Dare Me Forever by Paige Edward

Dare Me Forever
Dare Me Forever by Paige Edward

It’s the beginning of her new life . . . 

Twenty-three year old Amy Miller has been responsible for her little brother ever since their dad dropped dead and their mom took off six years ago. Now that her brother is eighteen, Amy's ready to fulfill her dream of opening her own stationary store.

But the past has a way of sneaking up on you . . . 

Then an old friend comes back to town--Amy's high school boyfriend, Hunter Morgan, to be exact. The same guy who dropped her a week before prom, leaving her a sobbing mess in a sequined Jovani dress. The same gorgeous man who now wants Amy back and won't take no for an answer.

And the future has a way of getting complicated . . . 

But when Amy meets Ryan Anderson, an irresistible Brit and powerful businessman tied to Hunter's company, their instant attraction and chemistry awakens a passion in her she never knew existed. Ryan is dangerous and sexy, pulling her deeper into a new world of desire where anything goes, while Hunter is determined to use all his old tricks to posses her again—body and soul. Soon Amy is torn between her incredible first love and the most desirable man she has ever known, but is she just a pawn in a wicked game? And if she surrenders herself to passion, will she be left a loser in love all over again?

*Ages 17 plus, due to sexual situations and mature content*

DARE ME FOREVER is a fantastic, sexy debut from Paige Edward. Amy is a heroin I can easily relate to, and Edward has written two very delicious men--Ryan is my new book boyfriend! 
--Emily Snow


A pensive look crossed over his face, and then disappeared.  There was definitely something else he wanted to say about himself, but then thought better of it. “So I mostly just think of new projects to work on.”  His eyes found mine. 

“Am I the new project?” I asked suggestively. 

“Do you want to be?”

I bit my lower lip.  I’d never been so sassy, but damn it felt good.  “What would it entail?”

He closed the space between us, and put his finger to my mouth, gently tracing my lips. 

“How about this?” he asked, taking my face in his powerful hands and kissing me. I melted into him, my lips tingling with excitement.  He had that end of day stubble on his cheeks, and the hair gently tickled my face. 

He pulled away, his eyes studying me. “Or this?” He lowered me onto the blanket, leaning down to meet my lips again.  All I could do was whisper, “Uh huh,” as he ran his fingers again over my lips and down my neck to where my shirt fell open.

With his other hand, he began gently stroking my thigh, while looking into my face. His fingers felt electric against me, even with the thick denim between us. I wished I wasn’t wearing jeans so I could feel his skin on mine.

“God, your beautiful,” he murmured.  I smiled up at him.  This—the picnic on the beach, the kissing in complete public—was so not like me. And I loved it.  What had I been doing all my life?

He laid down beside me and I moved to turn towards him.  “No, stay there,” he ordered as he began to slowly graze my breasts with his hand.  My nipples were instantly hard, and as he teased them, he kissed the side of my neck. 

If I didn’t stop this soon, I was going to come right there on the beach.  There weren’t that many people out at this time of night, but still, I wasn’t sure I wanted it to happen so publicly.  But there was nothing I could do: there was no way I could get myself to stop Cliff’s manly hands from working their magic. 

He squeezed my breast.  It was almost painful, it felt so good.  I turned my face towards him.  His lips again met mine, but this time, he parted them with his tongue, and slowly began to kiss and suck me as he played with the rest of my body.  I groaned against him. But he hadn’t yet touched me between my legs.  I wanted him so badly it hurt. My body kept bucking for his hand to reach down and bring me to full satisfaction.

Paige Edward

I'm a romance reader and writer with my first book DARE ME FOREVER (April, 2013) and mom. I love sweet, steamy, happy endings! And complicated men.

Jen's Review -

This was a cute story -
I wasn't too impressed with the style,  When I first started reading it, Amy came off as a hard worker. She grew up raising her little brother after her dad passed away and her mom left them at such a young age.
She grew up too fast. But her teenage years wasn't all that bad. She found comfort and love with Hunter, a family as the Morgans welcomed her and her brother into their home, sharing their meals and hearts with them.

But then after Luke goes away to college, Amy is home alone without a responsibility of taking care of someone else. It's just her. She opens her own Stationary store, and everything seems perfect.

When Hunter comes back into her life, she starts to think that maybe she should take a chance. All these old memories stirred up so many emotions of how they use to be when they were together in high school.
She wanted that back.

But while at a bbq at Hunter's parents house, Hunter is occupied by someone else.

When Amy heads down the familiar path to their guest house, she see's a really good looking guy just looking out at the ocean.

They have a small conversation before Hunter shows up again.
But that didn't do much for Amy, because all her thoughts were on Ryan.

Ryan is the new guy in charge of Morgan inc. They didn't want people to know that they needed financial help, so Ryan agreed to keep quiet about his status. But he was still in charge.

The new big project he was working on with the Morgans kept getting side railed and problems after problems kept coming up.

Ryan wasn't impressed with Hunter's work. He couldn't feel sorry for a guy who had everything handed to him his whole life. If anyone would know about hard work and starting from the bottom and working his way up, Ryan would. And he wouldn't let anything get in his way of losing a deal.

But when Amy started popping up in his head instead of work, he knew he had to "do something" to get her out of his system. He didn't have time for relationships.

There are so many highs and lows for Amy Miller, who is the main character of DARE ME FOREVER.  I really like the girl, so it wasn't so nice of me to put her through all this drama :)

While writing the book I listened to a bunch of different music.  Here is a playlist of some of the top songs.

1. I Knew You Were Trouble by Taylor Swift

2. Fade Into You by Mazzy Star

3. You don't Have to Call by Usher

4. Teenage Dream by Katy Perry

5. Set a drift on memory bliss by P.M.Dawn

6. Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne

7. Ho Hey by Lumineeres

8. This Love by Maroon 5

9. One More Night by Maroon 5

10. Losing You by Solange Knowles

11. Give Your Heart Break by Deemi Lovato

12. All About Our Love by Sade

13. Master and Servant by Depeche Mode

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Dare Me Forever

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