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Club El Diablo Series Books 1-4

One Dom at a Time (Club El Diablo, #1)
One Dom at a Time by Holly S. Roberts

Damian Collins found her in a seedy BDSM club administering a twelve foot bull whip with perfection. Lydia was the most popular Domme in the state and he wanted her for his famous El Diablo Club in Houston.

Damian is richer than dirt, sexier than sin, and the last man Lydia wants. She was a Dominatrix, in control of her universe, and no one knew her biggest secret; she craved to be mastered in the bedroom.

A bet. One she couldn't resist. The winner gets the other as sub for one night. Is there only room for One Dom at a Time?

Warning: This book contains graphic sex, strong language, content that may be objectionable to some but perfect for others. BDSM, bondage, voyeurism and luscious male bodies at work here

Jen's review

Cute story. it had a strong beginning. but felt rushed at the end.

I did enjoy it though. I haven't seen a lot of books about female Domme s. It's nice to see a strong woman taking the lead...

Mistress Lydia loves the imperfections of her subs. , She didn't want to deal with the subs who were spoiled and rich and didn't have to work for anything.

When Master D showed up at her club. she was shocked.

She had turned down his job offer. But when he started throwing money around at her boss, even her best friend. She found herself trapped into working at his club on a trial bases.

All she needed to do was get through the 30 day trial.

But it wasnt easy. with Damon looking the way he does.. those dimples.... and the way his eyes smoldered her. She wanted to submit to him. But her pride wouldn't let her.

Damon didn't know what it was but watching Mistress Lydia with her sub was more than he could handle. he wanted her and she wanted him.


Domination in Pink

Domination in Pink by Holly S. Roberts
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This novella is a sequel to One Dom at a Time but can be read as a short and kinky stand alone.

Lydia is pregnant with her first child and Damian, her hot and horny Dom husband, can’t keep his hands off her. Her baby thickened body desires rough play but Damian wants to worship every fluffy inch of her slowly. When not in the bedroom, Lydia is a sought after Domme in her own right. Can she bring her private love toy around to her way of thinking or does she need to pull out the big guns and practice Domination in Pink? 

Warning: This book contains graphic sex, strong language, content that may be objectionable to some but perfect for others. BDSM, bondage, lactation play, anal play, and luscious male bodies at work.(

Jen's review - 

so cute! I love seeing the big strong Dom not know w how to deal with his little girl :)

this book takes place shortly after the first book. if you didn't read the first one. I think you'll be ok. but getting to know Damon and Lucia was the best part.

Abigail was brought into this life by her daddy's hands. And nothing could be more perfect in Damon's life than his family.

settling into the routine for new parents is hard on anyone. but living in the BDSM lifestyle makes it a little harder to adjust. Throw in the 150lb over protective Rottweiler and gay sub, let's just say this whole family thing is hard work.

but Damon is determined to make everything perfect.
As time moves forward Lydia starts to heal and craves. She's ready to be No s tress Lydia again. And she wants her Dom back in her dungeon

Like I said. really cute story :)


Piercing a Dom's Heart (Club El Diablo, #2)

Piercing a Dom's Heart by Holly S. Roberts
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Brandon Edward Sterling IV inherits his father’s corporation before he's ready to settle down. He works grueling hours and follows the accepted path of society’s socially elite. After the end of his engagement with an aristocratic debutante, Bran gives into his nontraditional sexual fantasies found at the El Diablo BDSM Club.

Damian, the owner of El Diablo asks his friend Bran to keep an eye on Damian’s visiting pierced-out Goth chick sister Willow. She’s spirited and curious, has messy braided hair, piercings in places that drive a Dom wild, and she's ready to explore her submissive cravings. She’s also unacceptable in the wealthy world of Wall Street’s rich and famous.

But, can Willow Pierce a Dom’s Heart and prove that acceptability isn’t required in the bedroom?

Piercing a Dom's Heart is book II in the Club El Diablo Series but can also be read as a stand alone.

Warning: This book contains graphic sex, strong language, content that may be objectionable to some but perfect for others. BDSM, bondage, voyeurism, genital piercing and luscious male bodies at work.Fun series. I read them out of order but overreach one. But I think Damon and Lydia will always be my favorite in this series :)

Jen's Review - 

This book was about Bran and Willow. Damon's best friend and his sister.

There wasn't much details about how Damon found his half sister but she came to him in Huston looking for a job. she wanted to be closer to her brother. The only family that cared about her.
The only problem was Willow was disturbed by the BDSM scenes. which made waitressing there a little difficult.

Bran is over stressed work and needs a break. taking a week off to go play at the club seemed like the perfect way to unwind.

When Bran first ran into Willow,he was walking with Damon. She was refusing to sub for another Dom.

Bran was intrigued by how beautiful this goth checkpoints. but he was thrown off by her piercings. everywhere!

Damon didn't want to see his sister exposed but Bran was right there telling him it's not up to him how she lives.

Willow continues to gripe about the “abuse" going on in the club. And Bran is determined to change her mind.

Cute story. I'm in love with Jenny. Brian's sassy assistant. Wonder if we'll see her again :)

Touched by a Dom (Club El Diablo #3)

Touched by a Dom by Holly S. Roberts
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sir Kyle’s need for pain terrifies all but the kinkiest submissives. The willing screams of his subs ring through the walls of Club El Diable.

Trisha is new to the BDSM lifestyle and has never experienced the big “O” with a man. Her vibrator does the job better than her last boyfriend so who needs more? 

Kyle’s dark secret keeps him from training new subs but he’s hot to test Trisha’s limits.

Can Trisha survive the painful ecstasy Kyle administers when she’s Touched by a Dom?

Jen's review -  

I read this out of order, but after reading about Kyle in the first book, and then again in Pink Domination, I had to read his story next :)

I totally love the BDSM books with the Dom that doesn't usually take on new subs, but when he sees her, he can't help himself.

And I really love the brand new subs who walk into the place not knowing what they're walking into.

This book had both.

Kyle isn't a slow, fun loving Dom who is looking to please his sub's sexuality kinks - Kyle gets off on Pain. Good hard pain that most people can't handle. So why would he even think about taking on a new sub that has never experienced anything in the BDSM world?

Trisha is in a rut . she just got out of her first real relationship and he was a horrible lover. Didn't do anything for her at all in the 2 years they were together.
So when Gloria talked Trisha into going to El Diablo, she couldn't tell if she was more excited or scared.

Trisha talked to a few of the subs in the club and a couple of the Dom's. Anxious to learn new things. So far she couldn't see anything that made her too excited.
That is until Master Kyle walked over to them and told her he wanted her to reserve a spot with him tomorrow night.

Gloria told Trisha that Kyle was bad news. He was into the lifestyle for more pain that Trisha was looking for.
But Trisha didn't know what she wanted.

When she started watching a scene played out by Gloria and another Dom, she felt embarrassed and started to leave.
That's when she felt Master Kyle behind her.
Within mins he gave her something she had craved more than she realized she craved. And that was when she knew she'd be back.

I totally loved this story. Kyle didn't change for her. Just because she was new to the lifestyle, didn't mean that he was going to take it easy on her. But he wasn't going to scare her away either.

Explaining how everything works and how he does things. Letting her know that her body belongs to Him.

Step by step, slowly he introduces her to his lifestyle and she slowly becomes aware of how he enjoys his subs.

The only thing that bothered me in the book was the ending.. not the very end, that was fun - but the part where Trisha finally excepted and got the full idea of what she needed to do for him. it happened too fast and didn't explain why she all of a sudden got it.
Don't want to throw out a spoiler here, but maybe you'll understand what I'm talking about when you read it :)


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