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Surrender Your Love by J.C. Reed

Surrender Your Love (Surrender Your Love, #1)

Surrender Your Love 
by J.C. Reed

Meeting Jett was like lightning. Dangerous. Better left untouched. And better forgotten. But lightning always strikes twice.

Brooke Stewart, a realtor in New York, doesn’t do relationships. When she’s sent to a remote estate to finalize a real estate deal, she discovers her new boss is no other than the guy she left naked in bed.

Sexy, dangerously handsome, and arrogant Jett Mayfield attracts trouble, and women, like a lightning rod. But the night he meets Brooke he gets more than he bargained for. The green-eyed millionaire playboy isn’t used to taking no for an answer, and he isn’t about to start now.

When he proposes two months of no strings sex, Brooke is intrigued and accepts his proposal. Little does she know Jett’s determined to claim the one woman he can’t have, pulling her deeper into his dangerous world.

A man who doesn't take 'no' for an answer.
A woman afraid to surrender to love.
Two lives that are about to cross...and secrets laid bare.

About Jessica

J.C. Reed is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of SURRENDER YOUR LOVE. She writes steamy contemporary fiction with a touch of mystery. When she's not typing away on her keyboard, forgetting the world around her, she dreams of returning to the beautiful mountains of Wyoming. You can also find her chatting on Facebook with her readers or spending time with her two children. To get in touch with Jessica use the contact form below. She tries to respond to each and every email in a timely manner.

If you're a publisher or interested in discussing any subsidiary rights to Jessica's books please contact her agent Lauren E. Abramo of Dystel & Goderich Literary Management.

Jen's Review 

Well this sets up nicely for the next book .... lol

I really did like this book though -

Brooke was a girl who was trying to go somewhere in life. She didn't have the greatest past, but she was determined to make her future the best she could.

When her boss told her to meet with the multimillionaire and talk with him about work stuff (Sorry I can't even remember why she went there in the first place) She was put off and edgy when he showed up late. And not only that, he didn't show up personally, he sent someone else in his place! She got up and told the guy who was shamelessly flirting with her to let his boss know she would do business with him only.

Brooke's BFF Shaye just lost her job - so she needed someone to go drinking with. Brooke knew drinking with Shaye was a bad idea, but Shaye had a way of talking Brooke into anything.

When Brooke woke up the next morning with the mother of all hangovers - she was shocked to find those glowing green eyes looking down at her.

A little freaked out, she did what any other girl would do - told him to get out.

Jett isn't your normal every day guy - working for his father, making millions upon millions of dollars sweet talking rich folks into selling their land so he can make a huge profit off of it. it's what he does best.
But when he first see's Brooke, he knows there is more to her.

When Brooke gets to work with a huge hangover and all, she finds out she now has a new job - and she is to go there right away.

When she gets to the new building, she's shocked - she doesn't have any idea why she's hear, but to be a personal assistant to a guy she's never met, she is determined to make the best out of this job as she can.

She learns that she need to go to Italy to meet up with her boss for a 2 week trip. They are on the verge of landing a big deal, and he needs her there right away.

When she gets to the hotel, she runs into Jett again. Was he stalking her??

They leave to go to his house out by the lake. No sense in wasting company money on a hotel, right :)

When they get there, they try hard to work - but the attraction they have for each other is really making it impossible for them to think of anything else.

So, a document was drawn up - and they get to have sex - lots and lots of sex :)

Like I said, cute story - it was fun to read. I love those big strong alpha guys who wont take no for an answer. And those fragile girls who have had their heart broken too many times to trust anyone else.

Just brings the romance a little stronger - but don't worry, it's not all romance - there is something strange going on at home, someone is hounding Shaye trying to track Brooke down.

Can't wait for the next book. I'm curious to find out how things play out :)

Conquer Your Love will be out on June 1st, 2013.

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