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A Million Miles Away by Elizabeth Corva

A Million Miles Away (Angel Interceptors #1)A Million Miles Away by Elizabeth Corva
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Molded by tragedy and pushed into emotional independence from a young age, Jasmine Ashcroft thinks she has this whole adulthood thing all figured out. College? Bring it on. Career planning? No problem. Dating? Sure! Well…maybe. After she gets the rest of her life dialed in.

But an unexpected meeting with the musician who created the soundtrack to her life puts those beliefs to the test. Can Jasmine find a safe--and sane--place in his high-stakes, jet-setting world without nuking her future, her family ties, or her heart?

YA/NA Contemporary fiction - 76,000 word novel with a bittersweet ending. Jasmine and Jonathan's story will continue with Give in to the Night (Angel Interceptors #2). Expected publication: December 2013.

Juls review

I was given this book for an honest review

Omg!! Seriously, I need.....I want....just.....I'm at a loss for words! I went in with no expectations to almost putting the book down to pissed off that I didn't get what I didn't realize what I wanted.

I'm still in a bit of shock over this ending. I wanted it to end this way originally but at the same it didn't end the way it should have.

I'm a mess right now. I know Jasmines is too young and Jonathan is way too old for her but ugh!!!!
They should work. It should have been a cookie cutter relationship and we all should have gotten the HEA that we all want in these books but the thing is, this wasn't a romance. It was something else, something that totally wrecks you when you get to the end of the story.

This story is so complicated and so not the norm you don't realize you are flat on ur ass until its kissing the ground. You get no time to take a breath cuz that rugs been pulled out from underneath you and all you can do is try to recoup from a case of vertigo.

I need to find a happy place after this book. Actually what I really need is book 2! When is that coming out?????

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