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Breathless by Eve Carter

Breathless (Jesse, #1)

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The young, hot professional Motocross rider, Jesse Morrison, knows how to leave an impression. Except lately, it has been bad impressions. Frustrated and wounded, he surrounds himself with women, booze and drugs, until one day, he finds himself in a world of trouble. Kicked out by his brother, he relocates to California for the summer to help his uncle open Rookies, a local sports bar. 

In Santa Monica, Jesse meets the one woman who can lead him back on the right path, the beautiful 22 year old, Niki Milani. Only problem, she is not interested. Niki has her own demons to fight. A past that left her emotional abandoned by her own blood, her father. She keeps her heart guarded and finds it difficult to trust a man again. Especially not a bad boy player who is even more messed up than her. However, Jesse never backs down from a challenge. Blinded by a sizzling attraction, he is determined to prove to Niki that there is more to him than what appears on the surface. That he is the one who can heal her heart.

The story of Jesse and Niki is a New Adult Romance that will leave you breathless.

taken from Eve Carters Webpage
“What the fuck are you doing, pervert? Get your hands off my girl.”
The hot breath of a large hairy dude was blasting in my face, smelling like shit on stick. I pulled myself out of the girl’s embrace and rolled to my right. Leaning on the cheap plywood bar to steady my woozy legs, my heart was shooting blood to the body parts needed, in case I had to beat the living shit out of this fucker. Adrenalin was spiking like wildfire throughout my system.
“Mind your own business, asshole. Get the fuck out of my face.” I turned my attention back to the girl I was getting close and personal with. Looking like the usual small town bar girl with her dark rimmed eyes, long false lashes, and full cherry red lips that moved around the straw in her drink. Lips that made my cock rock hard.
The high had kicked in ten minutes ago with a line of white in the bathroom stall followed by three neat shots of Fireball whiskey. My buddy, Chet, had won a local motocross race and we were here at the Oxford Tap in upstate New York to celebrate. Not like I needed an excuse to shoot coke and down Fireballs, or any booze for that matter. My life sucked. It sucked balls, big time, but right now all I cared about was how I was going to smash this ugly dude’s face three quarters of the way to the crapper.
The hairy bastard plowed past the ditsy bar girl who got in his way on his trek to find a place for his fist to sink into my face. Chet, my wingman had disappeared. Out back somewhere with his tongue halfway down the throat of some young chic fresh out of high school with a fake ID. I shouldn’t have been so outspoken, but I couldn’t help my drunken self. I’m pretty damn charming after downing a few brews, if I don’t say so myself.
Fearless, I jutted my chin out towards his face and wrinkled up my nose, “Fuck that stinks. Dude, your breath smells like a dog just took a dump in your mouth.”
“You’re a dead man, mutha-fucka,” he raged at me, struggling to get through the packed crowd.
The confrontation between the Beast and I didn’t go unnoticed. Two bouncers were already shoving their way past the standard Saturday night regulars, their radar set on us.
The room was spinning. Bodies jammed into the small dreary, beer stained area of the local watering hole in this small shit-hole of a town. I didn’t care if the Beast hit me or not. I welcomed the thought of the pain of his blows. At least it would blur out the pain in my soul. I teetered. My alcohol induced, unstable balance may have been an advantage. I staggered out of the Beast’s line of fire, just long enough for a strong hand to grab a fist full of my jacket collar from the rear. A heavy hand pulled me down and to the side, pummeling me through the bodies in the crowd. Their drinks crashed to the floor and liquid libations flew through the air, as someone dragged me by the scruff of my neck out the back door of the bar. The same large hand shoved me past the girl I had been chatting up, and I slurred, “Meet me at my truck in the parking lot.”
“Shut the fuck up Jesse!” A gruff voice barked out. I knew all the bouncers at the Oxford Tap.
“Manny? Is that you, bro?” In my drunken stupor I couldn’t quite tell who had a vice grip on my arm, but now I was pretty sure it was my old friend Manny. Manny, the bouncer, to the rescue again. Or so I thought.
Crap. He was throwing me out.
“Dude, you got the wrong guy.” I gave a wink and a “call me” gesture to the girl gaping at the scene unfurling in front of her dainty face. Nice perky tits bouncing under her top as she walked. Or talked.
“Just saving you from getting your ass kicked again, Jess,” Manny puffed, maneuvering his 350 pound frame towards the back of the bar, flinging me around like a rag doll.
“Fuck that. I can take care of myself Manny. No need to get all violent on me.” But I couldn’t take care of myself. No way in hell. My motto was to “get fucked up and score as much pussy as possible. Life is short”.
Tomorrow, I won’t even remember the girl’s name, hell in ten minutes I won’t remember her name. What the fuck was her name?
Manny shoved me out the back door and threw me into the alley, letting go of me just in time to send me grinding into the hard cold pavement. Landing hard, sliding, the rough texture of the cement shaved the top layer of my skin from my face, right about the cheekbone area. Small pebbles of grit wedged themselves into the flesh of my face, small enough that I’m sure I would inflict further pain on myself later, just trying to dig them out with tweezers. My skin peeled, my flesh oozed bright red blood.

Breathless - Jesse Book 1 is now out on Amazon and B&N.

Eve Carter
Eve Carter
About this author 
I am a true romantic at heart and with a modern contemporary erotic twist to my romance novels, you had better fasten your seat belt, as the ride is always fun, exciting and fiery.
Living in Southern California, but a mid-westerner at heart, I find plenty of inspiration for my books in my own exciting life. I have always loved the arts and as a young girl, I took dance classes and spent the summers reading books from the local library. Fascinated with the written word and its power to guide the imagination, I started writing short stories and later took Creative Writing classes in college. I graduated from The University of Iowa with a B.A. in Journalism and an M.A. in Higher Education. I also have a Teaching Credential from Chapman University in Southern California. 

Jen's Review - 

Cute story - Might have to go into my sports folder - maybe next book - there is mention that Jesse is a motocross rider - even rode in the super-cross - I LOVE that sport! But they didn't have him race, or even think back to his accident :( BUT hopefully he'll be able to race in the next book :)

little bit of a cliffhanger at the end, but it's not too bad - the ending is really good though - it doesn't leave you wanting to through your e-reader out the window, but it leaves you with a few questions :)

This story is told from both Nikki and Jesse's POV - Nikki is a girl going through her unhappy stage - she's ready to grow up and live her own life, and come out of her daddy's shell - but stuck in collage doing what he wants her to do, dating a guy that he wants her to date - she's not happy.
But after finally breaking loose and moving into an apartment with her BFF Kat - Nikki is ready to live a little of her own life.

Jesse is going through some rough times. his whole career as a motocross rider is down the drain. If he can't get his hand to cooperate anymore, he can call himself a washout -
Living in booze, drugs and women in order to numb the void of riding in his life.
His brother kicks him out and he heads to California to help his Uncle out at his new bar.

When Jesse gets to the bar he meets Chase - Chase is a great guy - You'll really like him. He's a hard worker and all around great guy.
Taking Jesse under his wing, Chase brings Jesse to the V-Lounge where all his friends are headed to hang out.

Kat see's Chase first and runs over and introduces herself to Jesse - Kat is immediately taken with Jesse, and Jesse is interested in Kat's type. Easy and drunk -

When Kat brings Jesse over to meet her BFF Nikki - Jesse isn't prepared for the reaction his body takes to seeing her sitting there.
All of a sudden, the Easy and Drunk doesn't seem like so much fun anymore. But that one - THAT is what he wants.

Everyone knows Nikki isn't the type for a one night stand, so after being warned off many times by Chase, Jesse decides maybe it's time to make some changes in his life.

Really cute story - it was fast paced and sweet - these two had a great chemistry and I liked that they were able to take things slow.

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