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Relax Bell by Lou Lou Winters

Relax Bell

Relax Bell 
by Lou Lou Winters

A year of abstinence and consciously relaxing her life abruptly ends for Belinda Walker with a quiet night at the pub. Sparks fly as her eyes connect with a dark stranger across the room. The magnetism is undeniable. Something about him draws her in and sends tingles through her body. Could he be the one to fully satisfy her, a feat no other man has ever managed?

Adam Laurent and Joel Harper are ready to find someone to make two into three. When Adam meets Belinda, the attraction is instant. Now all he has to do is introduce her to Joel and convince her that two men are better than one. Will Belinda accept Adam and Joel together and finally find what she’s been seeking for years?

A nasty incident prematurely ends the night at the pub and starts a string of threatening texts that have everyone worried. When the man with her mobile number turns up on her doorstep, Belinda fears for her life. Escape seems impossible, but can Adam and Joel rescue the woman who has already captured their hearts?

Menage Amour: Erotic Interracial Menage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M, sex toys, HEA

Lou Lou Winters

Lou Lou Winters
Erotic Romance to Inspire and Excite
Lou Lou Winters was born and still lives in Sydney, Australia, she likes to think of herself as just under six foot tall, her hair is gold, running like a river down her back, she has the perfect tan and her eyes are sparkly, big and blue. Her smile lights up a room, she has an hour glass figure that men drool after and her hobbies are lying by swimming pools in tiny bikinis, doing dishes in lingerie and high heels and also vacuuming naked... honestly.
Alright, honestly, Lou Lou's imagination can sometimes get her into trouble but when writing she can be anything she wants, she loves the escape into another world that is similar to reading.



Jen's Review -
I was given a free copy of this book for my honest review - 

Not sure why this book didn't agree with me, it was ok - the threesome was hot, just felt rushed and not very ... passionate 

I liked Trina and Rob - they seemed to work well together. She also took her time getting to know Rob while he was away. 

Joel and Adam were good together - they seem to have a long history together and were able to feel each other out. Know what the other was thinking. 

So when Adam saw Belinda at the club that night and knew instantly that she would be the one that both he and Joel needed to complete their three, Adam went for it. 

When Belinda and Trina got into a bit of trouble outside the club, Adam and Rob were right there to help them out. Belinda stood close to her best friend while waiting for the paramedics to arrive. 

At the hospital, Belinda ran into Adam and Rob in the waiting room. She felt instantly safe around Adam as he took her into his arms for a nice hug. 

When Trina was released from the hospital, the girls were wondering why the guys hadn't called them. After about a week, Adam finally called to check up on Belinda. He invited both her and Trina to a fundraiser along with Rob and his friend Joel. 

When Belinda first saw Joel, she was nervous. After all he's a really REALLY Big guy - but she had an instant attraction to him. How could that be when she was reacting to Adam the same way? 

Through-out the fundraiser, both Joel and Adam had kept touching her. Holding her hand, rubbing their fingers around her shoulders, placing hands on her hips. Both of them at all times. 

They felt the same reaction - it wasn't until they snuck off downstairs where it was deserted, that Belinda realized that Joel and Adam were a couple. But even when they asked her to join them for the night, she couldn't stop herself from saying yes .... 

It was a fast pace Erotic story filled with lots of hot yummy guys 

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