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Heartstrings by Heather Gunter

Heartstrings (Love Notes, #2)

Everyone thinks of me as this happy and upbeat person. What they don't know is that I carry a deep, dark secret. Something horrible happened to me a year ago, and I have kept it quiet all this time. I was fine for a while, but somehow it’s chosen this time to come back, and it's eating at me--like a cancer.

I need to tell someone about it, I just don't know how. I'm pushing everyone I love away, including my mom and my best friend Charlie.

Then there is Will. Handsome, sweet Will. We went out on a date a while back, but then the incident happened leaving me crushed and him confused.

How do you tell someone you care about all of your secrets, and will they still want you when the truth comes out?


Heather Gunter
Author bio 
 Heather is a devoted mother of three gorgeous boys. She balances spending as much time with them as possible with writing, updating her Into the Night Reviews book blog and her day job. Her love of animals sees her home in Canton, GA bursting with numerous dogs and ferrets. Heather campaigns passionately for anti-bullying initiatives and has a strong conviction to reduce peoples suffering at the hands of bullies. A talented singer, who once dreamed of pursuing a career in that field, she has put that goal aside in exchange for her writing. A self proclaimed geek, whatever spare time she has is spent curled on the couch reading and listening to music.

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Jen's Review - 
 4 of 5 stars

What a great story - this book is the second to the series, but I hvaen' read the first one ... yet -
Charlie and Maverick are in this story a lot, and their "situation" was mentioned a few times. This book is still awesome as a stand a lone, but it makes you want to grab ahold of the first book and take a peek about how Charlie and Maverick were for their story.. Which I'll be doing soon :D

This story is about Tori and Will - Now because I haven't read the first book, or maybe it doesn't even say, but Tori and Will have been friends for a long time. Tori is BFF with Charlie, and Will is BFF with Maverick. So even though Tori and Will weren't together, they hung out with each other.. and they noticed each other....

About a year ago, Will finally caved and asked Tori out - Being totally head over heels for the guy, she jumped at the chance and said yes :)
At a party, Will left Tori alone for a few mins... and in those few mins, Tori's life changed dramatically....

For over a year, Tori has been fighting to forget what happened that night. But for some reason, she started having nightmares, and every little thing started pulling up little memories here and there.
Tori was going out of her mind, but felt guilty and refused to talk to Charlie about anything.
Being the strong, stubborn redhead that she is, she was determined to make everyone think everything was A-OK

But she's not an actress.

Tori, Charlie, Maverick and Will went to the beach. Tori had a dream that morning and hasn't quit shaken it off yet. Will noticed right away something was off. But he knew that she'd talk when she was ready , and he was patient enough to wait for her. After all, he's been waiting over a year for her to be ready....
It's not until Tori excepts a mental challenge and kisses Will, when she realizes she's broken and damaged beyond repair. Will struggles with trying to help Tori without knowing what's going on. All he can do is be there for her when she needs him.

When Tori cries herself to sleep that afternoon, the dreams come back, stronger and more vivid them usual, and this time she wakes up with her mother laying in the bed with her trying to sooth her, and Charlie sitting close by.
both know something is wrong, and are determined to help Tori though whatever it is.
Tori finally tells her story, and her mom and Charlie are right there to help Tori get through her ordeal.

After a few days of therapy and group therapy, Tori learns a few things about herself that she didn't know. She confines in Will and lets him know what happened that night.

Will is racked with guilt, but not for the reasons you'd think .....

Their relationship is great. Will is patient and he loves Tori so much. Tori goes through hell and back and shows just how strong she is to fight for her life back. She's determined to be the happy go-lucky girl she once was :)

This book is sad, but the way Heather Gunter tells Tori's story, you can't help but feel the pride for Tori - she is a survivor :)

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