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Here Without You by Tammara Webber

Here Without You (Between the Lines, #4)Here Without You by Tammara Webber
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I was afraid to read this book - lol I have this crazy love/hate relationship with this series - I loved the first book, but the second book, I wanted to throw it out the window - by the third book, I was slowly starting to warm up to Reid again , and by this one, I'm totally head over heals in love - not only with Reid though , but with Brooke - wow, right?!?

If you know this series, you know that both Reid and Brooke screwed up BIG time - causing them both to lose the ones they cared about the most in their lives.

But Brooke and Reid have a history, and because of that history, they grew up...

Crap after re-reading the blurb and a few other reviews, I just realize I can't talk about the issue in this book without giving it all away - I see the other reviews all talk about their love/hate with the main characters, but grrr - I want to talk about the secret that really made this story that much better!!

Humph ... ok - I don't know how to write this review now - I don't want spoilers , so I guess this is going to be a crappy review - sorry!!

Brooke finds out something about her past, and that has to do with Reid. Without thinking, Brooke does what she believes is the right thing. But what Brooke doesn't seem to care about, is how it will effect Reid.

Reid and Dori are doing great - they couldn't be happier. And even with Dori back in school, they find time to text, and talk and visit whenever time permits it. Even if it's only for 12 hours and a plane ride at a time.

When Brooke calls Reid and lets him know her plan, Reid couldn't see straight. All he could see was Dori walking out the door and not coming back..

But Reid knew he had to tell Dori the truth.

....... Lol Lots of stuff happens :P

Let's just put this out there - Is Dori strong enough to trust Reid and not the tabloids?? Is she able to believe in their relationship and look past all her past troubles and be able to move forward??

Hum... Deep issues - I really felt like I was reading a different story to this series - You know all about Brooke's and Reid's past, and what all the tabloids say about their bed hopping now, but they seem like different people all together now - and I'm happy everything is working out the way it is. I'm sad this series is over. I could think of a couple more ways another book could go, but it's probably best to leave that to the author :)

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