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Chronicles of Surrender - books 3 & 4 by Roxy Harte

Unholy Promises (Chronicles of Surrender, #3)Unholy Promises by Roxy Harte
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Going through my older reviews until I finish the book I'm reading :D 
This was THE first BDSM book/series I have ever read, I still get flashbacks 

Lord Fyre's life is so secretive even his lovers know him only by an alias. An international agent, he's wanted in many countries - dead or alive. When his past catches up with him, Lewd Larry's BDSM Fetish Fantasy Night Club may no longer keep him safe.

With his twin brother is in danger, Lord Fyre must return to Paris to save him. But the cat and mouse intrigue he left behind isn't his only challenge. An past flame may be the greatest danger he's ever faced.

Jen's review
Ok The beginning was a bit slow - I love Lord Fyre - and it was great getting to know Eve – and his softer side

I loved the ending and that's still fresh in my mind so it's clouding the beginning for me :)

Oh yeah - It was good to get to know Lord Fyre - his mysterious past, why he disappears all the time - putting his life in jeopardy because they are helping his life stay a secret in many countries that want him dead - he has a past that's about as scary as he is..

But we also learn he has a TWIN! *squeals!* Yes that's right, not only one sexy hot Greek Goddess - we have TWO! lol But they’re not close, in fact, with Nikko's disappears, he knows how to without being found. And since Thomas had to die in order to stay alive, contact wasn't even an option.

Now here is Thomas in Paris, on a mission to bring his brother back to the States in order to save his life. But does that mean to imprison him? Or to keep him free?

Thomas knew Eve was in Paris - he couldn't help but to check up on her.. she looked like she was getting on with her life, even though the assignments she was taking in the agency were the ones no one else wanted to take.. the most deadly ones - Thomas couldn't help but wonder why she would want the suicide missions.

Eve was tired of being alone - sure she had Liam with her, but she didn't love him. She stopped loving when Luka had died 6 years ago.

When things play out and something goes wrong and Eve was in danger, Thomas had no choice but to step in to help..

Back in the states, Kitten was getting hysterical - not in a bad way - I read a few GR reviews before starting this - I was thinking "GREAT how can Kitten get more whinny?" Lol I love Kitten though - she's awesome - and in this book, she shows her backbone as well - yes she freaks out when Thomas leaves, she knows he's going to find Eve, and she's scared that he's going to leave her - Hell I'd be hysterical, too!

Back at the Club when Eve shows up - things heat up a little and we learn a little more about the whole BDSM part of the club - I gotta say I LOVE the Japanese Rope bondage thingy - I'm fascinated by the whole thing - I've never tried it - but I've thought about it :) And they way Garrett pulls off that show! Holy CRAP! That was awesome!

Here's a quote of something I learned out of this series that I didn't know before :)
Starting on book 4 tonight - can't seem to stop myself :)

It's a Myth - that you won your slave, when in fact, it is the submissive who chooses the dominant. You see, only the submissive truly knows her own needs, seeking out instinctively the dominate who can offer her the freedom to embrace her inner darkness, allow her to battle her inner demons in the safety of his embrace... only when she finds one capable, deserving of her, will she submit and allow you to dominate.

Echo of Redemption (Chronicles of Surrender, #4)Echo of Redemption by Roxy Harte
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

CRY! This book should have been 2 stars for leaving me the way it did! I cried myself to sleep last night for a half hour after I finished it! WOW!

Is there salvation in truth? 
Kitten is pregnant and torn between the idea of being both mommy and sex slave. With the help of her master, Lord Fyre, she makes the hardest decision of all...infuriating Garret, her second master. This revisits the question: can one woman truly serve two masters? 

Lord Fyre is torn between blood and ménage. When his twin brother arrives shot and strung out, Fyre's world of bdsm suddenly collides with his past. Disappearing with his twin seems the only answer. But how can the ménage survive if he isn’t there to hold it together?

Garrett faces uncertainty, knowing he has lost control of Kitten. He knows he must embrace his inner-Dom, known as Lord Ice, if he is ever to come out of the shadow of Lord Fyre and gain full control of Kitten. But is another man the answer?

The bonds of love and commitment is further tested when Lord Fyre pulls his lovers into his dark and dangerous world of intrigue in this fourth installment of the Chronicles of Surrender series

Jen's Review
So I love Garrett, but he screwed up big-time in this book - it was sad to see him get so frustrated.
But with Kitten's pregnancy progressing, still being undernourished and scared to death, Thomas gone - again - and Kitten in a frenzy ... can you really blame him for needing to bring out Lord Ice a little more often then before?

It was nice to see Garrett's other side - I was beginning to think he forgot who Lord Ice was - Even while Kitten is pregnant he found a way to make her happy :)

Thomas ... *sigh* what are we going to do with him!?!?!? He is like taking on the world by himself and the only ones that suffer is Garrett and Kitten - how is that fair??

This book leaves off a few mins before the last book ended - they were in deep conversation about the pregnancy - yes hurt by her keeping it a secret and frustrated by all the emotions going on.

Then the knock at the door with Niko's bloody body -
Garrett was operating on him to get the bullets out, Kitten was freaking out in private , and Thomas was watching everyone.

When George comes in and takes Thomas and Niko to his house to began Detox and healing for Niko, Thomas doesn't even get to say a proper goodbye - Which leaves Kitten a little high strung.

She starts getting a little frustrated with master, he's not working his job, Thomas's job and George's job, and he's getting burnt out!
Kitten and Jackie are back to being BFF's again and starts filling Kitten's head with ideas about her birth .. ideas that Garrett isn't too happy about.

We get to know the Niko's story and how he took Thomas's place when he went to work with Cobra - Thomas owes him for this, because he would have never met the 2 people in his life that he loves more than anything.

There are only a couple times when Thomas is able to get away and visit with Kitten and Garrett - Valentine's Day was one of them.. the day Garrett was ignoring Kitten because he had to work in the attic - althrough he was feeling guilty, he was still enjoying himself...

There is alot of emotional up and downs in this book - lol when is there not!?! But it's nice to see the happy ménage after their Happily Ever After. They are a committed Ménage - they love each other, and they're determined to make it work - but no relationship is all happy and sunshine all the time. You really get a good glimpse of these people’s lives - It feels like it could be a reality TV show :)

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to read book 5 yet - but I will get to it ASAP :D

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