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Nine Lives by Shari Richardson - Giveaway!

Young Adult Paranormal Romance

Title: Nine Lives - Highland Home #5

Author: Shari RichardsonDate to be Published: Sept 2012

When in the midst of the usual supernatural uproar which surrounds her, Kerry Cote finds herself pregnant, she thinks the worst has finally come. But when her fianc√© doubts her love and her child while the supernatural world lays itself at her feet, Kerry knows she must be strong. Nine Lives takes readers through Kerry’s pregnancy and an epic battle among vampires to bring them out on the other side with the birth of her child.


Shari Richardson

Author Bio

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Shari Richardson holds a master's degree in English Education and has spent much of her life teaching students the joy of reading and writing. Her love of writing began when she was in elementary school and has carried through her entire adult life. Shari lives in Pennsylvania with her two Chihuahuas.


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Nine Lives Excerpt

"Oh my God," Mairin exclaimed. "I look like a frosted cupcake."
I poked my head around the doorway of my sister's bedroom and burst out laughing. My normally tom-boyish sister looked like someone had airbrushed a Vogue model over her. I could still see Mairin under the makeup, hair and the far too flouncy sparkling white gown, but I had to squint.
"Don't laugh at me, brat," she said. "How did you let me let Mom talk me into this?"
I held up my hands. "Hey, don't blame me for this one, sis. This is all you. You let Mom go to the bridal shop with you and Mathias' credit card. You knew she was going to pick something like this."
Truthfully, the gown was gorgeous. It had an empire waist and a very short train, but it also had so much lace and so many sparkles, I was surprised my sister wasn't currently shredding the gown in an effort to get it off.
"Dammit, dammit, dammit. I cannot do this," she said. "Nope. I won't. I should have insisted on the stupid town hall and the stupid civil union, but no, I let Mom and Mathias bully me into this." She waved at herself.
"Mairin," my mother said, slipping past me into my sister's room. "You look so beautiful. I knew that dress would be gorgeous on you once the alterations were finished."
I smiled at my sister over our mother's shoulder and bolted for my room. The glare which followed my retreat nearly burned. Mairin would complain, but I knew she'd never have taken anything away from our mother. Especially not something as important as a big wedding with all the trimmings.
Of course, her willingness to be on display for the town in a gown that was anything but her own choice was really my sister in a nutshell. No matter what it did to her, if it meant one of us was happier, Mairin would do it. Take my bridesmaid dress. The wedding planner Mathias hired to help Mairin keep her sanity had freaked out when Mairin showed her the dress, but my sister had insisted that the pale colors the wedding planner wanted would look awful on me. So instead of joining the frosted cupcake brigade, I was wearing the deep, forest green, knee-length dress my sister had chosen for me. She could have picked some hideous, flowing monstrosity so I wouldn't overshadow her, but had instead picked the dress she knew I'd like.
I was pulling the dress over my head when the doorbell rang.
"I'll get it," Tawnya called from downstairs. I knew she'd been ready for us to leave for the wedding for at least half an hour, but after the tenuous truce she and Mairin had finally formed after their estrangement last winter, Tawnya was keeping her opinions to herself. I, on the other hand, wasn't. If they weren't ready by the time I got my shoes on, I'd shove Mairin down the stairs.
"Hey Tawnya. The other camp is getting anxious and sent me to see what was keeping the bride." Xavier's voice drifted up the stairs to me and I smiled. In spite of some pretty big disagreements they'd had in the past, Mathias had asked Xavier to be his best man. Xavier, always looking for ways to improve the political climate of the supernatural community, and because both Mairin and I had begged him, had accepted. It hadn't been until the tuxedo fitting that he'd truly begun to regret saying yes. The complaints over the fittings had been epic and amusing as hell.
I slipped on my sandals and ran back to Mairin's room. "The natives are getting restless. We have to go."
"I heard him," Mairin said. "Mom, go get in the car with Tawnya. Kerry can help me down the stairs in this, dress."
Mom kissed us both before heading down to meet up with Tawnya. I could see her eyes were already beginning to shine with tears and knew that before the end of the ceremony, our mother would be a blubbering mess.
"She's going to cry all day, isn't she?" Mairin said.
"Probably. You're her baby and you're getting married."
"Yeah, wait until it's your turn, brat." Mairin clasped a thin gold chain around her neck and sighed. "That's it. No more delays."
"Don't you want to marry Mathias?" I asked.
"Sure I do," she said. "But for all intents and purposes, I'm nineteen. Girls don't get married this young unless they have to. You know most of the town is going to be watching me to see if I'm pregnant."
"That's why you and Mathias are going on a long honeymoon. So you don't have to worry about being watched." I held Mairin's arm as we carefully navigated the stairs. "Besides, admit it. You're dying to see all the snooty jerks jockeying for position to catch your bouquet."
Mairin laughed. "I'll aim for you, if you want me to."
Xavier looked up at me from the foot of the stairs. I knew he'd heard Mairin and my heart thundered in my chest. He'd already asked me to marry him more than once and I'd told him no. Not no forever, but no for right then. Looking at him in his tuxedo, the tiny, shy smile I loved best lifting just the corners of him mouth, I realized while I still might not want to get married tomorrow, I was ready to say yes to him.
"I'll take my chances," I said. "But I'll make sure I'm right up front."

Jen's Review 

The beginning of this series was hard for me to read. I have never been a big fan of books that had too many supernatural creatures mixed into on book. 
Between Vampires, Werepanthers, Demigods, Angels, and Demons. Throw in  Cain and Gigi (aka Mother Earth) and I was ready to put it all down. 
But after I read the first 2 books, I just couldn't stop there.  Getting to know  Mathias, and Xavier, the Pride, Gino, all these guys, becoming friends, and protectors of these two silly teenage humans girls... What was so special about them?? 

Well Nine lives gives us a little more of a glimpse as to why these two girls are so special. Not only were they human.. well, Mairin is now a very Special Vampire :) But these girls were part of a legend that is to be something Bigger than Big - 

This isn't coming out right, so I'll just do the review the best way I knw how :) 
So after the first 4 books, everyone is excepting Mairin as a vampire.. they don't LIKE it, but they've excepted it. 

We start off with Mairin and Mathias getting married.. a Vampire wedding is awesome! Way cute. And The story is told in Kerry's POV - which was better because that's what made me love book 3 :) 
But after the wedding, Xavier asks Kerry again if she will marry him... and this time, she says YES! YEAH!!! 
Well as they walk along the beach, one thing leads to another and yeah - they become as close as a couple could be. *wink* 

Kerry goes over to see Xavier, but he has a visitor.. Kerry doesn't seem suspicious at first, especially when Xavier announces to Meg that they are going to get married. Meg doesn't seem to like Kerry at all, but Kerry can't figure out why. 

Next day is the first day of High school, Junior Year... Kerry goes along her day, not too bad since Stephanie graduated, but sad because Mairin is no longer there. 

When she gets to her mom's shop, a strange Panther greets her. Her mom knows of the Supernatural, but doesn't want to know more than she needs to. So Kerry brings the stranger over to the coffee shop to talk. 

Something had called him to her... she couldn't figure out what he was talking about. Somehow this stranger, Elize was called to his King's mate, and even though she didn't know what he meant, he decided he would stick around until they figured it out. 

And that's when Xavier and Meg walked in.  Meg had been feeding Xavier lies, and threading on his jealousy of others towards Kerry. And Xavier had determined that Kerry was cheating on him. Kerry of course wasn't, but no matter what she said, Xavier wouldn't let it go... then all Kerry could see was Meg's hand on Xavier's arm.. and she knew that Xavier wouldn't listen to reason. 

Then there is the baby.. yes that's right, little 16 year old Kerry gets pregnant.  And we all know that Were's can't get human's pregnant, so that feeds right into Xavier's anger that she's cheating on him. 

And that's when they figured out the legend is true. Carrying his baby, being protected by the Blood Drinkers, and allies with the Angels,  There is a war coming up, and this could mean the existence of all were's and vampires could cease. 

It was so sad. I hated this... Kerry learned the real reason behind Xavier's behavior, but couldn't figure out how to get him to change back to the caring guy he was before Meg showed up...
I hate these kinds of books, well it's a love/hate thing :) I really am anxious about the next book... no idea when or where, but wow! Can't wait to find out more! 

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Shari Richardson said...

Thank you so much for your review of Nine Lives. Two Suns (the next book) should be available next summer :).

Shari Richardson

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Thanks for letting me know about the next book! Hopefully I can get on the tour for that one too :)
THanks for the awesome series!

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Nice review and excerpt.