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Guarder by Michelle Jaymes

Guarded (Guarded Series, #1)Guarded by Michelle Jaymes
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

'Dreams are what haunt me when I sleep, vivid pictures of my life that have been singed in my memory forever.'

Sage Summers dreams of having a normal teenage life. Suddenly at the age of ten everything changed for Sage. She is haunted by her horrible past and struggles to move on.

At the age of seventeen, Sage is given a chance to start over with new foster parents in a small town in Rhode Island. She finally gets her driver's license and her freedom. She is determined to escape her memories with the support of her new family.

Sage meets a mysterious, attractive immortal man with a strange connection to her past. He shows her an ancient world that she never knew existed. She begins to realize that her visions are simply not artistic talent and struggles with her emotions as she tries to accept who she really is . . .

Sage must overcome her fears and emotion before she is destroyed by the darkness of her destiny.

Juls Review
One of the things I loved most about this book was the concept. An Angel and Fairy mix as the main character, imagine her powers! And her powers were amazing, at least what she knows of right now.

Sage is very new to everything that’s been thrown at her. She has just discovered that she is not a human and that turns her world even more upside down than it already is. Her childhood was great with her adopted family until she turned 10. The man she called her father became someone she didn’t recognize. And soon her mother followed suit. When Sage turned 16 is when things went from bad to worse. Fred, her adopted father, rapes her and does so repeatedly. Her perfect world officially comes to an end.

Sage has a chance at a new beginning with a new family and slowly they help her overcome her fears and nightmares.

One night while Sage was out she feels a presence. It feels dark and sinister and before she knows it she is running for her life. A man appears before her while she is driving away and to prevent from hitting him she veers into a wooded area. All she can think of is that her new car that her new foster parents bought her is ruined. She wants to hold on to consciousness to try to get away but cant fight it anymore and blacks out.

Sage wakes in a bedroom that doesn’t belong to her. It belongs to Master Cole.

He was never supposed to fall for her, only watch her. Cole, a fallen Angel, was sent to watch over Sage but not to interfere in her life. If he had her life wouldn’t have ended up so harshly.

This is the start of Sage’s new life. Her journey to find her parents is met with mystical beings. A shapershifter named Hunter is willing to help but for a price, which he says he’ll collect at a later time. Sage is after the daughter of the Fairy Queen. He saves her from the blood dogs and finally gets her to the portal she needs to find her mother.

Every obstacle Sage is faced with she finds the abilities that lay dormant within her. Her main power as of yet is she can suck the power of others. How she uses this is up to her and when tragic falls upon Cole she is willing to take the life of an Angel to seek revenge. With Cole gone she teams up with Xavier to seek revenge on Elijah.

For a self published book it was pretty good. There were a lot of missing letters and misspellings and I had to reread it to make sure I was reading it right. I had. Overall I’d say this books deserves 3.5 stars!

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