Monday, September 3, 2012

Seduction and Snacks by Tara Sivec

Seduction and Snacks (Chocolate Lovers #1)Seduction and Snacks by Tara Sivec
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

 After Juls Review, I just HAD to read this for myself :) 

Claire is a twenty-something, single mom that grudgingly helps her best friend sell sex toys while she attempts to make enough money to start her own business to give her foul-mouthed, but extremely loveable (when he’s asleep) toddler a better life. 

When Carter, the one-night-stand from her past that changed her life forever, shows up in her hometown bar without any recollection of her besides her unique chocolate scent, Claire will make it a point that he remembers her this time. 

With Carter’s undisguised shock at suddenly finding out he has a four-year-old son and Claire’s panic that her stretch marks and slim to none bedroom experience will send the man of her dreams heading for the hills, the pair will do whatever they can to get their happily ever after.

Warning: includes explicit sex, profanity and enough sarcasm to choke a horse.

I wish I was as creative with my words as everyone else is by how funny this book is , but since I'm not, I guess I'll just tell you, this book had me laughing so much - it was such a great break from the last few "serious" books I have been reading. in fact, it's been a long time since I remember LOL while reading.
Got a LOT of looks from my kids :)

Speaking of kids - I want to teach my 3 year old some bad words :) kidding - he knows enough :) Gavin was such a cute kid.
I can understand 100% about the frustrations about a "potty mouth" kid at the most inappropriate times.
I also have a few jabber jaws who talk non-stop . they don't grow out of it!

Clair is an awesome mother. To drop out of college, have a baby on your own and still be able to smile and laugh. It can't be easy.
But she has a great personality. She is fun and even though she doesn't show it, she cares about Gavin a lot.

Carter was awesome - I wish guys like him really existed :) He searched for Clair, and thought of her for 5 years. And when Fate finally brought them together, he didn't remember her, but there was still that pull there that made him want her anyways.
And Carter with Gavin was just too sweet :)

I love books with little kids involved, throw in the Raunchy humor and the hot romance, and about 10 of my favorite 80's movie quotes... this book was perfect -

Awesome quote from the book : 
“And let’s face it people, no one is ever honest with you about child birth. Not even your mother.       “It’s a pain you forget all about once you have that sweet little baby in your arms.”     Bullshit.   I CALL BULLSHIT.   Any friend, cousin, or nosey-ass stranger in the grocery store that tells you it’s not that bad is a lying sack of shit.   Your vagina is roughly the size of the girth of a penis.   It has to stretch and open andturn into a giant bat cave so the life-sucking human you’ve been growing for nine months can angrily claw its way out.   Who in their right mind would do that willingly?   You’re just walking along one day and think to yourself, “You know, I think it’s time I turn my vagina into an Arby’s Beef and Cheddar (minus the cheddar) and saddle myself down for a minimum of eighteen years to someone who will suck the soul and the will to live right out of my body so I’m a shell of the person I used to be and can’t get laid even if I pay for it.” 

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CashFund said...

So I started reading, and couldn't put this down. The characters are hilarious, and I could imagine these exchanges in my circle of friends. I was reading in bed and had to go to the couch because I was laughing so much I was shaking the bed! Great book! Going to get #2 in the series right now!